How Important is Your Office Space to Your Wellbeing?

office space

The workplace is where we spend the majority of our lives, so it makes sense that the way it is set out can ultimately impact our wellbeing. Research has even confirmed our working environment makes a big difference to how we feel and how productive we are.

So, how can your office space affect your wellbeing? Here, you’ll discover some of the key factors which contribute to how you feel within the working environment.

Getting the lighting just right

One of the biggest problems offices face is lighting. We need a lot of natural light in order to stay healthy. Not only does natural lighting impact our happiness, but it also supplies us with crucial Vitamin D. Offices don’t tend to offer much in the way of natural lighting, relying instead upon bright artificial lighting.

Fluorescent lighting has shown to significantly impact the health, causing issues such as headaches and eye strain. So, if you want to improve your wellbeing in an office space, you need to focus on creating as much natural lighting as possible.

An office with a view

Another thing which has shown to improve wellbeing within an office, is a nice view. Whether it’s a view over the countryside, or a nice piece of artwork to look at, an aesthetically pleasing view is said to boost productivity and make workers feel happier. It also gives you the chance to look away from your computer screen, preventing eye strain and reducing fatigue.

Improving the office layout

The way the office is laid out is also going to have an impact on your wellbeing. Ergonomic chairs can help you to remain more comfortable while you’re seated for long periods of time. Similarly, sit-stand desks like those from Office Monster can be great for your health, after studies have shown sitting down for 8 hours or more each day can increase the chance of premature death by as much as 60%.

If you’re currently stuck with your existing office environment, you might want to consider switching to a serviced office. Companies such as BE Offices, provide aesthetically pleasing layouts designed to help boost productivity and happiness. They also tend to come with everything you need to work efficiently.

Overall, the design and layout of your office space can have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing. The above are just some of the factors you need to think about when you’re trying to boost wellbeing within an office environment.

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