How Important is Drinks for Your Health


We know what you eat is very important, but about what you drink? How important is what you’re drinking?

We drink many things every day, we drink water, we drink lemonades, we drink juices, and we drink alcohol… All this plays huge part for our health and can affect it in a big, big positive or negative way.

Water is essential for every living creature, we, humans can last longer without food than without water and that proves how important it really is.

Alongside with water, soft drinks & alcoholic drinks have big influence on our life & health.

Drinks can bring many vitamins & useful minerals in our bodies as well as they can bring in many toxic chemicals, viruses and dangerous minerals that will damage our health and risk our well being.

What you should avoid to drink

Soft drinks such as colas, lemonades and energy drinks aren’t good for health, even more; some of them are actually very, very bad.

Energy drinks really give you a temporary boost in energy and you feel rested, full of energy & stronger but that’s just a temporary feeling, at the expense of your health.

Energy drinks contains many minerals that are bad for your health and stimulates your body in an unnatural way, instead of giving you natural energy.

You can drink energy drinks sometimes when you need little extra energy and that’s not any real problem at all but getting it regularly is real & noticeable bad hit on your wellbeing.

Colas are another bad drinks type you want to avoid as much as possible. Each Cola from the largest companies to smallest ones contain many useless minerals that fill up your body with junk and doesn’t leave place for actually useful vitamins and minerals.

Also, colas contain some minerals that have negative effects on your health and you don’t need to receive them.

Like energy drinks, colas don’t kill instantly and drinking Pepsi or Coca-Cola (or any other cola) sometimes is perfectly fine, but getting such drinks regularly is really bad for your health and if you’re used to drink a Coke when eating, you should quit it.

Soft drinks aren’t baddest guys out there; alcohol is even worse, or worst of them.

Not only alcoholic drinks contain some needles & harmful minerals & substances but also alcohol itself is bad for health and makes you addicted to it if you go over and drink it often.

Beer, Whiskey, Wine… all is bad for your health, especially when you drink often.

Sure, you can have some alcohol sometimes but you should drink it even rarer than soft drinks.

Lemonades come last in our list for a reason, even though low quality lemonades are as bad as colas (or even worse) high quality, natural lemonades aren’t all that bad and usually has minor negative effects.

Still, it’s not recommended to drink lemonades too often – everything has some limitations.

What you should drink

Remember? We said drinks can have big, big positive or negative impact on your health.

While drinks mentioned above are bad for health and you should avoid them, fortunately there are drinks which you should drink as much as you wish.

Milk is one of the most healthy drink and it should not come as a surprise, milk based foods are among most healthy and useful foods.

Milk is a natural, vitamin and useful minerals filled drink that fills up your body with a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals very useful for your body.

Drinking pure milk every day or often is a great for your health.

Spring, filtered & mineral waters is also great for health, or to say it more clearly, it’s absolutely necessary.

Spring water contains a lot of very useful and necessary minerals not available in most of foods and drinks, so only way for your body to get them is using spring water.

Ideally, you should drink spring water every day, or at least once per week.

Filtered and minerals added water is another essential product for our bodies, you may want to know where does dasani water come from – it’s a bottled water from Coca-Cola Company, unlike Coca-Cola’s soft drinks dasani water is a useful drink.

Natural juices are other big and positive drinks you should have often, they do contain many vitamins from fruits and it’s very well known fruits are one of the healthiest foods.

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