How Good Nutrition Can Influence Your Fertility

You and your spouse are trying to get pregnant. And you’re doing everything you can. You’re timing intimacy when you are most likely to conceive. You’re removing stress. But you might be overlooking something so simple: your diet. Believe it or not, your diet can influence your fertility. In order to get pregnant faster, you are going to want to make these dietary changes:

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1. Cut caffeine

When you drink caffeine, it prevents your body from absorbing iron and calcium, which are critical things you need for fertility. Now, a small amount of caffeine (like 1-2 cups of coffee) will not interfere. But large amounts of caffeine will. Switch to herbal teas and drink more water. Or if you love the taste of coffee, try gradually going to decaf instead.

2. Eat vegetables

You will be telling your future child the same thing. Vegetables are so good for you because of the vitamins and minerals that they provide. Make fresh produce a large part of your diet. You are going to want vegetables the colors of the rainbow. Remember, the more vibrant the color, the more nutrients they have. An easy way to get your veggies is to eat stir fry a few times a week and eat salads.

3. Iron

Many women struggle with iron deficiency, and that is because you lose iron during your period. One easy way to defeat this is to take an iron supplement. But that is not enough. Make sure to eat food rich in iron. Meats are a good source. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you will have a challenge. Talk to a nutritionist before you try to conceive in order to get your diet as iron-rich as possible.

4. Eat less meat

Fertility has been shown to be positively influenced by switching some meat proteins with veggie proteins. If you are not vegetarian, some easy ways to get your protein are eating things like nuts, beans or tofu. Silken tofu can be crumbled up like scrambled eggs. Beans can be made into a chili or served with rice.

5. Cut back on bread

Bread alone won’t affect fertility. But eating a bunch of carbs will make you tired during this process. You want to be functioning at an optimum level. Switch out buns for lettuce wraps or eat open face sandwiches. If you must eat bread, opt for whole grains.

6. Stop drinking

There is not conclusive evidence, but studies have shown a link between drinking and inability to conceive. So why take the risk? The other risk is that you might drink when you have conceived. Under no circumstances do you want to drink while you are pregnant. The best thing you can do is stop drinking a couple of months before you begin conceiving. Learn to like virgin drinks and switch to activities where drinking is less of a temptation.

If you follow these diet tips, you should be functioning at a high level and should be able to get pregnant easily.

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