How Does Inadequate Sleep Affect Your Immunity?


There are some ways to understand if you are getting a good night’s sleep or not or a good amount of sleep in twenty-four hours or not. If you are not getting good sleep, then one or more symptoms will show up in the body. You would feel them. Normally, it’s said that an average person must get good sleep of 8 hours in 24 hours. Now some individuals need more sleep while some needless to stay fit and go on with the daily activities. But in general, the body demands 8 hours of sleep to function at its best.

And when you don’t get it, then you would feel tired, lack of energy, fatigue in limbs and body muscles, grumpy and groggy, and very sleepy. Such symptoms all indicate lack of sleep. In short, waking up tired and having the desire in mid to get a chance to take a nap is the biggest indicator that your sleep was insufficient and that you need more.

How lack of sleep affects your life and health?

Lack of sleep deeply affects life and health. The common problems you face after spending one sleepless night on some occasions is tiredness, irritability, lack of focus and energy. In such a case if you are given a task of skills or responsibility which demands deep attention, will you be able to give in your hundred percent in it? Well no, because you won’t be ready with a fresh mind and body for the task. An entire day’s work, a crucial day for any project, etc., may get ruined just because the night before that you didn’t get a good sleep. Now think if one day gets so badly affected due to lack of sleep, how about the rest of the year?

Months of sleep deprivation may lead you to such health havocs that your entire body, immune system, and functioning may go wrong forever, and it may be troublesome to bring things back to previous healthy version. That is why, before it’s too late, and before you are affected and full of multiple problems due to sleep and lifestyle, get things sorted. If it’s a mattress related issue, which is quite common, buy a mattress. Don’t worry about the price because you can get high-quality mattresses at great discounts if you visit relevant, trusted links where you may get to see the codes and much more for discounts.

Common problems in health and lifestyle due to sleep deprivation

Repeated sleep deprivation or trouble in continued peaceful sleeping through the night is a serious issue many faces. If this is happening with you, you are going to see serious side effects in your life. General bad mood, bad taste, and digestive upsets, etc. would become part of your life. Along with it lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, low or high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, gas and bloating, etc., would also be your companion till you correct your sleeping issues. Along with this, the mind will stay stressed, dizzy, foggy and inattentive all the time. You may start dozing off during the day in between important work and job. You may fall asleep in the middle of a conversation too if you are suffering from sleep disturbances for too long a period. Altogether, life can get miserable, and the average life expectancy of a sleep-deprived person is lower than the average of a normal person.

Effect of sleep deprivation on the immune system

The immune system is the system of the body, which fights against germs and pathogens and various disorders in the body. The immune system is the fighter system in the body, to keep the body clean and to work in good health internally, and protects the body from invasions of foreign bodies which would lead to suffering. The power of the immune system is called immunity. A high immunity is required and much needed for a good working and functional body to retain its fitness and workability throughout. The low immune system indicates the requirement for improvement, and also tells the person that he/she must take precaution and care not to catch germs and must get saved from illnesses.

There are things which help improve the immune system in normal life, and again the same thing can affect immunity negatively. Sleep is one such factor. If you sleep adequately during the day, then your immunity would be boosted and stay on good optimum conditions or even better. If you get inadequate sleep, then your immune system will get poorer and poorer with time. One day the immune system may crash badly, and you may get susceptible to so many problems and diseases just because you have a bad immunity due to insufficient sleep.

Obesity and sleeplessness

If you sleep less than 7 hours a day, you have chances of gaining weight. It happens because when you sleep less a chemical called leptin which satisfies your hunger is secreted much low than needed. This makes you eat more, and hence you gain more weight. Another hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, is released more when you get less sleep, which also makes you eat more.

Type 2 diabetes, which also brings along obesity, and may lead to type 1 diabetes after a period, can come with sleep disturbances. If you are sleeping less than 5 hours in a day, you tend to develop type 2 diabetes.

Lower sex drive due to lack of sleep

Lack of enough sleep leads to lower levels of testosterone production in the body. Overall both men and women suffering from sleep disturbances tend to get lower libido, and their sex drive gets even lower with time.


If you are facing any or all of these problems described above, then now is the time you think seriously about changing some things in your life. Analyze what is wrong with your sleep pattern, sleeping environment, bedroom, and life. You must arrange for the best sleeping arrangement and try to get sufficient sleep each night to carry on with or get back to your healthy life.

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