How Do You Treat Your Baby’s Gas Problems?

baby crying

One of the worst feelings for a parent is to see your infant cry and not know what to do about it. As a parent, you know to check to see if your little one is in need of a clean diaper, to find out whether he or she is ready for another feeding, or to try and get your infant to sleep, but these don’t always work.

Sometimes infants cry and nothing you do seems to ease their discomfort. It leaves you feeling down and upset. But before you resign yourself to thinking you’ve failed as a parent, perhaps you need to recognize that your baby might have gas pains and needs relief.

Rub your baby’s belly

One of the easiest ways to reduce gas pain in your infant is to rub the little tummy, softly but firmly. Do this with the tips of your fingers, applying gentle pressure as you work your way around his or her stomach. This can help to relieve your son’s or daughter’s pain and get your little one feeling better in no time.

Gripe water

Gripe water is an all-natural, over-the-counter remedy for gas in infants. While it doesn’t work for all babies, it’s worth a try to see if it will do the job for yours. You can try to feed a bit of this natural solution to your little one to help break up the gas. It might just make your baby feel better.

Burping works

If your baby hasn’t been burping well after feedings, it’s time to try a more effective method of burping. This might mean spending more time trying to burp your infant, or trying a different method of burping — for example, mid-feeding rather than after only.

Not only will this help to treat your child’s gas pain, it will also help to prevent some gas pain from the beginning.

More information

When you take the time to research baby gas, you’ll find there are a number of ways you can help to prevent and relieve infant gas issues. Your baby deserves the best, and that means doing a little research to find out what might work best for your little one’s problems.

It’s frustrating and sad when your child is upset and you don’t know why. Once you realize that the issue could be the result of gas, you have several options to relieve the pain. While they may not all work for your baby, it’s smart to try different solutions to relieve the pressure until you find one that works for that little stomach.

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