How Dermatology Can Help Treat Moles


In a recent study done by The National Cancer Institute, it has been reported that the average person has at least ten moles on their body and some individuals can have as many as over forty. If you are having an issue with the appearance of your body due to having excessive moles you are in luck, as visiting a dermatologist can help remove your moles and help improve your appearance if you feel self-conscious.

A common question is how does an individual get moles on their body? A mole is created when melanocytes (which are a batch of skin cells) attach themselves to the tissue cells. The amount of moles one will have is usually genetic, and if your parents have a large quantity of moles this increases the volume of moles you most likely will have.

Another question is why one would like to get moles removed from their bodies? One is that if a mole is in a place that is shaved commonly, you can often times cut your mole which can cause bleeding and pain. Another reason is that if you a mole in a certain spot of your body that is very inconvenient, some examples being where you would like to wear your watch or at the collar of your shirt. This makes simple tasks like putting on a watch or shit irritating and annoying. In rare cases, some moles can be cancerous and lead to forms of skin cancer. Finally, many people would like moles or a certain mole removed for appearance reasons. Many people would feel better about themselves with cleaner skin without any issues with moles.

There are several ways that dermatology can help treat moles. There are a few techniques used by dermatologists to remove moles. The first being using a scalpel the mole is simply cut out of the skin and then the skin is stitched up. A similar way is the doctor using a scalpel to cut off the mole and then cauterizing the cut with several electrical devices. Finally, laser treatment can be effective in removing moles by removing them with several laser devices. After one of these treatments, antibiotics are applied and the wound should be covered with bandages for several days.

If you are having problems with moles being on parts of your body, it is recommended that you contact a dermatologist and get them treated.

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