How Chiropractic And Acupuncture Work Together?


Just like the dental profession is the one and the only job approved to discover and treat problems with the teeth and gums, the chiropractic profession is the only authorized profession to deal with “vertebral subluxation” via spinal manipulative therapy or other adjustment techniques. That doesn’t mean that many other approved health professionals like acupuncturists are not allowed to treat the spine – it just means they do not use the vertebral subluxation treatment.

Both (acupuncture and chiropractic care) are effective and comprehensive treatments, mainly healing the overall body from the inside out, and when combined,  benefits can be amplified. As they both treat the same regions of the body, so when combined, they can correct imbalances with the body’s structural and supportive systems. They boost natural healing, which consequently helps to maintain ideal health. They are secure substitutes for medicines and surgery and can provide natural pain relief and improved nervous system function. Together, these practices have a successful history of helping many people amplify their overall well-being and deal with physical difficulties.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the origin of conventional Chinese medicine in which thin needles are injected into a patient’s skin at particular strategic areas on their body. While it is generally considered an effective pain relief method, it is also helpful for stress management and prompt overall wellness. Though quite nerve-racking in looks, acupuncture for pain relief makes a remarkable change in many peoples’ lives. By injecting pain-free needles in every part of the body, acupuncture recovers the immune system, endocrine system, and nervous system.

This method has been used for approximately 4,000 years. The belief is that treatment on one particular body area can affect the other part of the body, even internally. For instance, you may have hair-thin, bendable needles inserted into your left side to relieve pain on the right side. Many people who use acupuncture for pain relief report benefits. For instance, an interpretation of 29 studies with a total of 17,922 contributors with back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, migraines, and shoulder pain found that people with those particular conditions feel more relief after acupuncture than those who had no treatment at all.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a patient-oriented, non-intrusive, hands-on, regulated health care profession that mainly aims to treat your spine, muscles, joints, and nervous system.

Chiropractors use the vital method of lowering vertebral subluxation by directly moving the vertebrae with low-amplitude, high-speed thrusts. This consequently generates an audible sound, which many people call a “pop” or “crack”. The adjustment is not much pain, but some people do not like the noise it makes.

A chiropractor will gently press the body’s painful part to move the joints and sometimes create a physical therapy plan. Regular chiropractic care can restore your spine health. The pain you’ve experienced may disappear after getting chiropractic treatment, and your pain levels will also be much more manageable.

How Do Acupuncture & Chiropractor Work Together?

Acupuncture and chiropractic are both aimed to open the tracks of energy flow in the body. Acupuncture focuses on Qi’s optimum flow, while chiropractic care focuses on the error-free flow of nervous system communication from the brain to the rest of the body. Once these pathways of energy are open and not interfered with, healing will automatically start. When these therapies are directly combined, they can create balance in the body, reduce severe pain in the muscles, joints, ligaments, and nervous system, improve natural healing, flexibility, posture, energy levels, and restore the body to its previous state of health. If you have any queries regarding how chiropractic and acupuncture work together to boost natural healing, make an appointment with Chiropractors at Diamond Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

What Conditions Can Chiropractor And Acupuncture Treat When Combined?

When our bodies are out of balance, and our physical ability to heal is disturbed, the disease may take hold. Acupuncture and chiropractic can be combined to deal with almost any problem that they are used to treat alone, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Migraine
  • Lower back pain
  • Sports injury
  • Muscle stiffness(Arthritis)
  • Sciatica(Neuralgia)
  • Insomnia(sleeplessness)
  • Chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or allergies

Combined Benefits for Infertility & Pregnancy:

Acupuncture and chiropractic care can be a very secure and natural substitute for women having problems regarding infertility, pregnancy complications, including nausea, backaches, and correct positioning of the embryo. By setting up the proper positioning of the pelvis and buttock, chiropractic care ensures the good nerve connection of the uterus’ reproductive system and balance. Both processes can also manage to handle conditions that promote infertility(like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or hormonal variations).

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