How a Root Canal Can Save Your Teeth

A root canal is a common way to deal with sensitive teeth or those destroyed by decay. The procedure helps deal with the pain while giving you the chance to use your tooth again. The treatment has advanced today and is currently as safe and painless as other medical procedures. If you have a tooth issue, then it is time to seek root canal treatment in Fair Oaks.

Why go for a root canal procedure?

Your teeth are made of a hard material that can withstand many things you put inside the mouth. However, the teeth are susceptible to acids and wear. Acids corrode your teeth while usage wear removes some layers exposing your nerves to hot or cold material. Once you have your nerves exposed, every time you eat, you get painful sensations. Infected teeth can also damage your jawbone, exposing you to expensive procedures to reclaim it.

When should you consider a root canal?

Issues that should make you worried about your teeth include the following:

  •         Bad breath
  •         Pain
  •         Swelling in the mouth
  •         Tenderness at some point around the affected tooth
  •         Sensitivity when having hot or cold foods

While checking for the above-mentioned issues is recommended for a root canal, you need an expert dentist to determine whether you are suitable for a root canal. Madison Family Dental Group dentists have the tools and experience to give you the correct diagnosis and even carry out the root canal.

What do you expect in a root canal procedure?

A root canal is a procedure done in a series of steps. Madison Family Dental Group requires up to four dental visits. Dr. Salehi, the head dentist, will analyze your situation and decide whether you need a root canal. Your dentist will then prep you for the procedure.

It begins with a numbing session to make sure you are comfortable as possible. A special dental drill will create a hole in the affected tooth to reach the pulp, the furthest region of the teeth containing nerves and other soft tissues. Your dentist will clean the area and even remove some tissues, as they are not useful in adults.

After cleaning, your dentist will cover the opening created with a special material called the gutta-percha and an adhesive, which prevents the material from coming out. Weeks later, you will go for your next appointments to have permanent crowns fitted to make the procedure’s results long-lasting.

Is a root canal painful?

Numbing at the beginning of the procedure ensures you feel no pain. However, you will feel a slight pinche when the needle first penetrates your gum to deliver the local anesthesia. After that, you can relax as the doctor treats your teeth and guarantees that you keep them for a long time.

Root canals have existed for a long time and can save your infected or sensitive tooth. The procedure is safe and pain-free, especially when done by experts such as Dr. Salehi. Call or book your spot online to have your dental health checked by your trusted dentist.

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