Hormone Deficiencies You Didn’t Know Were a Thing


It’s not good to be one of those people that turn to WebMD for every ache and pain they have, however, sometimes it might be warranted. There are a million diseases, conditions, and underlying causes to your symptoms, which may or may not be what’s happening in your case. Whether you’re being paranoid or there actually is something wrong it’s never wrong to be informed of the possibilities. Hormone deficiencies are one of those problems you might not know you have even with extensive symptom research. Here are some hormone conditions you may never have even known existed.

DHEA: This hormone is one of the building blocks for another important hormone called testosterone, sometimes known as the manly hormone. Low DHEA levels can affect testosterone production, a very vital hormone for men to be able to function properly.

Thyroid hormone: The thyroid hormone is known as a metabolic hormone, meaning it’s used to turn the food we eat into energy. Having a deficiency in the thyroid hormone ultimately leads to lower metabolism and low energy levels. As a consequence, people with this disorder often gain weight for no reason and see a large increase in fat mass rather than muscle.

Melatonin: You may be familiar with this hormone because it’s common for people to take before bed if they’re having trouble falling asleep. If your sleep cycle is irregular, or your just can’t seem to settle down at night, you might be lacking the proper levels of melatonin. Finding the balance in this hormone has beneficial indirect effect on the rest of your life. Not getting the right amount of sleep has a ton of negative health effects and can make you moody and anti-social.

Cortisol: This hormone is produced in greater volume when you’re under a lot of stress. It slows down testosterone production and consequently is associated with aging symptoms. Balancing this hormone will help balance testosterone levels, increase energy, and drive libido.

Testosterone: Low testosterone levels can take a toll on a man suffering in silence. Testosterone regulates things like muscle mass, bone density, sex drive, energy, strength, cognitive function, and even mood. Luckily there are treatments for such a condition. GameDay Men’s Health offers hormone therapy treatment for this condition as well as the other ones discussed.

GHD: Growth hormone deficiency is common in children, but can happen in adults as well. This is usually due to an injury or other sort of trauma to the pituitary gland. Low human growth hormone levels can is related to testosterone levels and also regulates how the body stores fat. GameDay Men’s Health also offers hormone treatments for this condition and can be found on their website (https://gamedaymenshealth.com).

Hormone conditions typically affect more than just your physical features, but can also leave you feeling not like yourself. This can be extremely frustrating especially if it leaks into your social life and possibly even your existing marriage. Some, but not all hormone conditions can lead to things like mood swings and depression. For having such serious symptoms, hormone treatments are relatively easy to come by. GameDay Men’s Health offers hormone treatments for all of the above mentioned hormone conditions.

Their three-step process is extremely easy to complete and works on your own time. All you have to do is go to one of their offices in the San Diego area for a blood test and results. Then, if you qualify, you can have your treatments sent to your home where you can administer them on your own time.

Getting the hormone therapy you need will change your life in ways you could have never imagined. That sense of not feeling yourself will go away with just a few treatments. For more information, visit GameDay Men’s Health website at https://gamedaymenshealth.com and read up on all the great treatments and services they offer today.

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