Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts


Rather than spend a fortune on flowers, cards, candy and other trinkets, why not make your sweetie a homemade Valentine’s Day gift from the heart? The following ideas should get your creativity flowing and help you craft the perfect gift on the cheap.

Memory Book

Create a scrapbook of all the fun, special moments you and your significant other have experienced together. You can collect photos, trinkets, and anything else that can be put into a book to commemorate the time you’ve spent with each other. I made a memory book for a boyfriend one Valentine’s Day and it went over very well. It’s a unique, romantic way to show your partner you care without spending a fortune.

Message in a Bottle

You can use a lot of imagination with this homemade Valentine’s Day gift. Choose a pretty bottle that can be closed with a cork or some kind of stopper. Antique or thrift stores are great sources for pretty glass bottles. Fill the bottle with sand, tiny seashells, and other beach-type objects. Place a handwritten love letter inside the bottle and a small trinket or two for a gift that definitely shows how much you care.

Coupon Book

Buy some card stock, markers or colored pencils, and anything you want to use to decorate the book (stickers, confetti, etc.). Put together a selection of romantic coupons to give to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. Examples would be something like a coupon good for a fully body massage, or one that allows him to take control of the television remote for the day. Use your imagination and choose coupons you know he’ll love and use!

Baked Goods

While it may sound cliché, homemade baked goods are a great (and cheap) way to shower your love with affection — and delicious cookies, brownies, or whatever! Make this idea really great by getting creative with the packaging. Use decorative boxes, ribbons, bows, and whatever else you can think of to turn a standby gift into something truly special for Valentine’s Day. You can even share the treats with your special someone while cuddling together and watching a movie!

These are certainly not the only homemade Valentine’s Day gifts, but they are all very heartfelt and romantic gestures that don’t require you to spend alot of money. Use your imagination to create a beautiful gift that costs little but shows how you truly feel about your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

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