Homemade Gifts that Go Right to Your Boyfriend’s Heart


Given the tight budgets a lot of us are feeling this year, it’s time to get a bit creative with Christmas gifts. Here are some do-it-yourself gifts that your boyfriend will really appreciate — some of which were suggested by guys themselves!

Dinner with all the trimmings

My husband asked some of the guys he was working with what they would like as a homemade gift. One man said, without hesitation, “Dinner, so I don’t have to make it myself.”

Go all out with your dinner. Fix his favorite dishes, throw in some new ones, and don’t forget dessert. If doing this doesn’t feel like an adequate enough gift, consider tossing in another homemade gift.

Music CD

Sites like iTunes make it much easier to put together a compilation of songs than in the days when we relied on cassette tapes. Gather up a playlist of songs you know your man likes, songs that have meaning for both of you, as well as romantic songs, and burn him a CD.


If you have a computer program like Windows Movie player, put together a movie of your relationship. Programs like this are a pretty simple concept of uploading pictures from your camera or hard drive and dropping them into slots on the time line. You can then easily insert effects, words, and even music to go along with your creation.

Coupon book

Although this may sound tried and true, it was still a popular idea when I was asking around. Coupons can consist of everything from a back massage to promising that you will sit through an entire evening of your guy’s favorite guy movies with him. Other coupons might include cashing in on a date that you pay for, doing an activity that you aren’t crazy about but something he’s been begging you to do, and attending a sporting event with him, even if you hate sports.


I’ve noticed that scarves seem to be in style for men as well as women. Learn how to knit or crochet and then google patterns for “scarves for guys” and make one for him. Just make sure it’s manly in color and style!

Cookie gift pack

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Like the dinner, cookies can go a long way. Don’t just bake him one kind. Bake up as many kinds of cookies as you can, and then do up an entire care package of them for him. Slip little love notes in to each individual package. If you bake enough, he can freeze some of the packages and get them out as he runs out.

Bulletin board with favorite team logo

What is your man’s favorite sports team? Check out Totally Her’s article on making fabric covered bulletin boards and make him one, decorated with fabric, ribbon, and buttons from his favorite team.

He’s not a team sports guy? What does he love to do? Bowling? Fishing? Golfing? Whatever his hobbies are, chances are you can find fabric and supplies to do your board with.

Decoupage lampshade

I’ve never done decoupage, but it seems easy enough when I read about it. Again, use sports team logos or pictures of what the love of your life loves to do, and create the lampshade to add to his decor.

Homemade calendar

Create a calendar for him, detailing anniversary dates with cute little notes and pictures. You can print out the months of year from the Internet then paste them onto stiff paper found in any craft supply store. Decorate the top of the calendar page with pictures of both of you and mini stories of your relationship; or better yet, things you love about your guy!


An unmarried friend of mine was so excited when his girlfriend created a scrapbook of their relationship for him; he showed it to everyone. You can find scrapbook supplies at Walmart or you can go higher end and buy from an independent consultant that’s focused on scrapbooking.

There are also Digital Scrapbooking programs in which you can make scrapbook pages and then have them printed out, either on photo paper from your own printer or by a professional printer.

One of the coolest ideas I’ve found so far this year is the ability to upload photos to a site, insert them into a template, design it to fit your personality and style, and then have a photo book created, printed, and sent to you.


Feel really inspired and gifted with sewing? Consider making him a quilt that will keep him toasty warm all winter long. Spray some of your perfume on it when it’s all done, so he can inhale that scent he loves, even when you’re not with him.

Homemade gifts can sometimes seem cheesy to give, but they carry with them an effort of time and love that no store-bought gift can ever have. They also have a touch of personalization that can’t be duplicated.  Years later they may be some of the most treasured gifts your man has ever recieved.

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