Home Workouts Are The New Gymnasium

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Fitness has become a way of life. People are increasingly adjoining its existence. Although with the Covid-19 outbreak, ushering folks back to the confines of their homes, travelling to gyms has become inaccessible. This however, did not keep people from having a fitness regimen. Usage of cork yoga mats, to resistance bands and dumbbells has become vastly commonplace.

Cork yoga mats over conventional ones are a result of them being more advantageous. Be it in terms of grip, durability, composition or weight. Home flooring may not always facilitate workouts. Hence, using the right kind of mat is vital.


Home fitness has personified a whole new role ever since the pandemic. Workout forms like yoga  have gained vast momentum. It can be easily practised in confined spaces and ensures fitness targets. Besides, with more and more fitness applications coming to light people do not always have to turn to the gym. Having the best of both worlds at your disposal provides for unparalleled comfort.

Applications like Instagram promote healthsome life patterns. Majority of the people are influenced by such applications and heed their essence.

Not having to succumb to time restraints is another takeaway.

Home workouts are also ideal for promoting mental health and enabling it to prosper. A vigorous workout may not harbour these points. People are placing more weightage on “mindfulness.” The U.S witnessed a 55% shoot up in sale of exercise equipment during the lockdown.

Cost cutting is another added factor. Most times, people sign up for a gym membership and do not show up in the end.

This culture is set to lure more and more people in, in the coming future. Getting a great deal done from home is downright supreme.


Yes, home workouts are tenaciously instrumental in achieving body goals. Even though the usage of equipment may expedite the process, body weight has proven to be an excellent means as well.  Depending on individual calibre and workout patterns they still enable people in maintaining good health. By pushing you body limits without being intimidated by other people watching, individuals can stay better focused. These workouts will harbor equivalent calorie burn and muscle gain.

Exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats and burpees performed in various circuits are very challenging for the body. By channelling different body parts and building strength, home workouts facilitate in inching people towards their goals.

Ensuring their optimization by minimizing in between breaks and beating your previous targets is a great means to facilitate home workouts.


  • Resistance bands – With the medium of apt products, any workout can be worthwhile. Resistance bands assist in building muscle strength. They majorly target the glute area.
  • Jumping rope – One of the most effective forms of cardio is jumping rope. Executing it for 10 minutes can burn as many calories as a 30 minutes run. It also helps in dwindling the oblique fat.
  • Dumbbells – Promotes strength training and muscle building.
  • Kettlebell – They intensify endurance and work on burning numerous calories.


  • Nike – Aside from its workout gear, Nike also assists people in getting fitter. It is an unpaid application proving a plethora of routines to choose from. They have distinct workout plans depending on their duration and motive.
  • Aaptiv – Another free application which is portable with android and Apple phones. They facilitate workouts like cardio, yoga amped up with trending music. The usage of instruments is minimal, hence spawning desired results with negligible requirements.
  • My Fitness Workout App – By giving you myriad options of which body part you may want to target on that particular day, this application is all about choices. It also aids syncing music with other applications.
  • 8fit – Generated towards frying that stubborn fat and amplifying body metabolism.
  • TRX – Focuses on bodyweight workouts by giving them a gusto. They have multitudinous videos and can be synced with the apple or any other smart watch.

Contemporary times are all about trends and fitness has assimilated right with it. With social media ruling our minds and perspectives, people suddenly have an innate need to look as fit as a flea. There is an influx of bloggers and celebrities displaying their fit bodies. It makes people want to attain those goals too.

Furthermore with mental health becoming an adversary, fighting it by staying active is exemplary. In an attempt of honing these skills, fitness apps have come to be an integral part of modern day lives. They have significantly enriched health and made people more able-bodied. All within the comfort of staying at home.

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