Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

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Ramsey is a tiny city on the outskirts of New York with quite a number of people suffering from chronic shoulder pain. There are many Ramsey shoulder pain specialists who can help you effectively deal with shoulder pain.

You should go to a neck pain specialist whenever your pain becomes chronic. Shoulder pain can be very aggravating as it can make even the simplest of household tasks impossible.

Visiting a neck pain specialist will help in certain regards such as when you need medication or surgery. However, there is much you can do at home to remedy shoulder pain including:

Compressing the Shoulder

The shoulder has very large muscles and joints which, when damaged, can be very difficult to remedy. Compressing the shoulder muscles is one of the effective ways to reduce pain in the shoulder.

Compressing the shoulder is also a great way to reduce the swelling in the shoulder. However, you should be careful not to wrap the shoulder too tight as it can lead to a lack of blood flow which will further damage it. If your shoulder starts feeling numb or turns blue you should loosen the wrapping.

You can compress your shoulder using a simple bandage as long as it is large enough. You can also compress it using a cold compression bandage, which is more effective than a regular bandage.

Heat Therapy

Applying heat to a shoulder experiencing pain will help reduce the pain in several ways. For one, the heat in the shoulder increases the amount of blood flow, and better circulation means less pain.

The ways in which you can use heat to reduce shoulder pain are plenty. You can step into a hot shower or a warm bath. You can also use a warm washcloth over your shoulder.

There are heat sprays that will certainly help. Electric gel packs that can be heated are another great alternative.

Cold Therapy

Just as heat can alleviate pain in the shoulder, some cold can be helpful as well. They work differently but will achieve the same result.

Cold therapy for shoulder pain will largely include applying ice to your shoulder. There are also many alternatives for cold therapy including placing a cold bag of peas over your shoulder.

There are great electric gel packs to cool your shoulder as well as cryotherapy, which can really cool your shoulder. A cold shower or bath are the easiest ways to cool your shoulder at home.

Shoulder Stretches

In the long run, the best thing you can do to remedy shoulder pain is to stretch your shoulders as often as possible. There is a vast variety of shoulder exercises to choose from so you will always have something to do.

You should especially stretch your shoulders if you’re constantly exercising them. Stretching helps relieve the tension in the muscles which might be the cause of the pain.

Yoga is a great practice as far as stretching is concerned. It is better to stretch your entire body but also perform isolation stretches.

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