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Almost everybody have felt at least once in the life motion sickness during a trip, it manifests not only on sea. We are going to discuss one of the a few types, seasickness. This condition is a reaction of the body’s inner ear balance system to the unfamiliar motion of a boat, ship or yacht.

Causes and Symptoms

Seasickness appears if two or more of your senses give opposing signals to the brain. Most commonly, that are your eyes and inner ears that are in conflict with each other. Within a few days, when the brain is given enough time to adjust to its surroundings, the symptoms of seasickness fade . A person who suffer from seasickness may feel headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Seasickness Home Remedies

You may need to find ways to relax so you do not get sick of the motion of the water. Also, if you want to use home remedies to mitigate the symptoms, read the following suggestions:
-Before traveling, do not eat too much and  do not cruise on a full stomach. Eat just a light meal.
– You can consume a mixture of sesame seeds and sea salt. Make sure to keep chewing as long as possible before swallowing. This remedy can help get rid of queasiness.
-Ginger is one of the best remedies for seasickness. It helps calm the stomach among other things. Sucking on a piece of crystallized ginger is perfect, but you can also consume ginger tea.
-Try to move your head or body in the other direction from the movements of the vessel. It may lessen the intensity of seasickness symptoms.
-Sometimes a cup of  marjoram tea can help prevent and treat seasickness when you feel symptoms start to arise. Even better is to drink it before participating in water travel.
– Do not use glasses because looking through a pair of binoculars for long periods of time will only worsen the symptoms.
– Peppermint or lemon candies  can help relieve the nausea associated with seasickness.
– Do not read a book or papers, do not look at one fixed point and do not stare at any object. The brain will register it  as a stable object and as a result the seasickness will worsen.
-Lie down on your back and close your eyes to relax.
-You should face forward instead of to the side in order to avoid worsening a case of seasickness. This practice can also prevent the condition from happening in the first place.
-Breath deeply,  take in the fresh air and focus on other things and not on a moving ship. It will help calm down your brain and body, as well as lessen the length and intensity of symptoms.
-Drink enough water(sip at intervals) to lessen your sense of sight and touch, which can intensify seasickness symptoms. Avoid to become dehydrated because the effects of seasickness can increase.
-Do not watch television or work on a computer because it will worsen the symptoms.
-Eat dry crackers or bagels to fight the sickness.

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