Home Based Remedy for Abortion Before 1 Month

sesame seeds for abortion

Sesame seeds are the oldest condiments known to mankind. It has been mentioned in various ancient scripts and epics as a seed of immortality. It has got various ingredients that helps in keeping heart healthy. It also keeps your digestive system functioning well. It helps protect from cancer. Sesame seeds gives protection from osteoporosis during menopause. It also helps in relieving from migraine pain.
Sesame seeds are small oval shaped nutty seeds which are white in color. It can be added to various dishes to add that crunch.

Sesame can be helpful to terminate unwanted pregnancy as well.

You can eat sesame seeds by soaking them overnight in water. Or mix handful of sesame seeds with some honey and have it. It will help you with the desired results within a day. Only drawback of this method is that you need to eat a lot many sesame seeds to get rid of your unwanted pregnancy.

sesame seeds and honey mix

You can buy sesame seeds from any general store.

Before buying them, you should check that it does not contain any moisture content. You can do that by smelling them for freshness. They generally come for bulk buying in air tight containers. The same containers can be used to store these seeds.

They are generally used post pregnancy to induce painless periods to clean up the system. You can also eat fried sesame seeds in large amount to induce miscarriage. Since they contain dietary fiber, this induces the loosening of cervix and helps in miscarriage in early pregnancy.

You should apply home based abortion remedies only when you are less than ten weeks pregnant!

Using these remedies post ten weeks can cause various complexities. The child’s hands and feet start to develop after ten weeks and it would not be able to clean completely from your system without a physician removing it manually. All these remedies are generally meant for pregnancy that have last for less than a month. After having sex, in case you are afraid of getting pregnant then you should try these remedies to start your periods and be on safer side.

Sesame seeds abortion remedy is considered safest method for home based abortion.

You only need to eat a handful of sesame seeds to get rid of that unwanted child. It is widely available in local general stores. It also helps in relieving period cramps and clean your system completely. It has got ingredients which helps in easy free flowing periods. It also has several oil ingredients which helps in protecting lever from oxidant damage. Sesame contains various vital minerals which helps in proper functioning of vital organs of human body.

sesame seeds benefits for body

In case this remedy do not work for you even after following it for a week or six days then you should try more safer methods to get rid of your pregnancy. Although this is the most effective method and works for almost every time but it also depends from person to person. If delayed for more than a week then you cannot rely on this method anymore and delaying more can add to the complexity to your abortion.

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