Holy Yoga: A Yoga for Christians


Yoga has always been a touchy subject, especially in Christian circles. There have been many different points of views that are out for and against it, and a significant proportion of the Christian community is choosing to roll their eyes against Christians who already have managed to find yet again another reason to be against one another and clash over with.

Nowadays, there is a growing popularity for a certain yoga which is made specially for Christians. This is commonly known as the Christian or Holy Yoga. Holy Yoga, or any other kind of Christian Yoga, is not generally viewed as a religion. It is considered as more of a physical activity that harmonizes the body in combination with proper deep breathing and a conscious desire to a focused meditation with God.

When doing Holy yoga, it becomes a time for reverence, worship, and a silent moment for an intimate connection with Christ – just like how it is when we listen and praise God through contemporary Christian music.  It is indeed a spiritual experience which somehow teaches a person to appreciate, nourish, acknowledge, recharge and grow themselves in the word of God and in His spirit.

What is Holy Yoga?

When we quiet our minds as well as concentrate solely on God, something amazing will transpire. Doing so would make us feel that we would be more at harmony of everything around us and more at peace with all of it.

There are plenty of us who would want to dedicate a longer period of peace and quiet time with God every day, but too often we run out of time. However, with the help of doing Holy Yoga sessions, it will motivate and allow Christians to devote a significant amount of time nurturing their minds while also keeping a healthy body.

The main emphasis of doing Holy yoga is concentrating solely on God. This is all about having a deeper and closer spiritual relationship towards Him. And as such, doing holy yoga is a meditative workout just the same as other religious beliefs which allows a person to have a deeper spiritual experience with God, such as prayer, fasting and meditation. Holy Yoga is just about yoga in as much as it is a worship music is simply just all about music. Throughout this yoga experience, we devote everything we are to God, and this includes our every breath as well as every move we make. It is also about being able to remain in perfect synchrony with the heart and mind, to genuinely enjoy a more personal and deeper relationship with Him and having some peace and quiet in that moment. While it may be true that whenever you do Holy Yoga there are more than enough physical benefits, however, in a Christian’s perspective, the spiritual benefits of practicing it would certainly outweigh the physical benefits. Truly, it would not defeat the true meaning and value of doing Holy yoga.

In the physical aspect, we can develop both strength and endurance which can then relieve anxiety-related problems, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems and digestive disorders. This could also contribute to weight management and muscle strengthening that has numerous positive benefits in itself.

Just as the physical health benefits are varying for each person, no precise spiritual experience can be assured for anyone. Nevertheless, if someone were to simply to spend some quiet time, even for just an hour or so, then this would undoubtedly do something awesome in someone’s life, particularly evident in their faith. It can also be rejuvenating for their souls and can kindle spiritual progress.

Holy Yoga is not just an odd random class for physical fitness. Neither is it a religion trying to influence how we choose to live our life and praise the Lord. It is essentially a spiritual practice whereby it can be infused into one’s walk of faith. This will also help connect a deeper personal relationship with God by presenting us with a unique way to experience Him with our whole being.

The Benefits of Doing Holy Yoga

Physical Benefits

  1. Boost strength and muscle tone.

Holy Yoga happens to work with the muscle groups in much the same way as regular press ups or squats. The muscles that are involved when doing yoga are getting stronger by actively going through a range of motion while carrying the weight of the body and make use of other muscles for further support and ensure stability.

  1. Poor circulation of the blood can also be the underlying factor for all kinds of problems in our bodies, like fluid retention or swelling of the lower extremities. Movement is extremely important to optimal wellbeing, and this also includes circulatory health. Holy yoga will help pump up the body’s blood circulation even with low-impact movements which are the ideal form of exercise for poor circulation problems. The kinds of stretching movements done during yoga can increase the blood flow to the body.

Spiritual Benefits

  1. Deepen the spiritual relationship with God.

As Christians, it is said to be that they are mainly called to learn the word of God, and also to be deeply ingrained in Grace, for this is the real Truth. In Holy yoga sessions, they are provided with a scripture as well as a theme in which the time spent doing yoga will also be the ideal time spent in creating and maintaining a deeper connection with Him.

  1. Foster solitude of body, mind, and spirit.

It is such a chaotic world with such a myriad of disturbances that the adversary may be using it to try and drive us away from our faith in God. Satan wants people to think that what makes life worth living is by being very busy and trying to do more each and every day. He does not want us to slow down, just stay still, sit down and communicate and connect with God. With Holy yoga, it not only facilitates solitude, but also tranquility in the presence of God with which we can be brought closer to Him, wherein we can connect with Christ, the Prince of Peace, and ask Him to fight for our fights.

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