Holistic vs Traditional Treatment – A Closer Look

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There are many holistic treatments such as traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are starting find acceptance in the traditional medicine circles. However, there are some areas of holistic treatment that should be chosen carefully by the practitioner since they aren’t well regulated.

Let’s look into both these treatments to understand them better…

Holistic Treatment

Holistic medicine is all about understanding and considering the patient’s body. It relies on looking into all aspects of the body including the emotional and mental well being in order to reach out to the root of the illness.

What makes holistic medicine different is that it doesn’t rely on a “symptom-focused” treatment but rather involves the use of herbal remedies along with the introduction of various diets to cure the illness and prevent it from returning. It also includes massage, acupuncture and physical therapy.

By taking the holistic approach, the patient saves himself or herself from spending gobs of money on treatment and the side effects that come from medicine/surgery.

Advantages of Holistic Treatment:

– Offers quick and easy relief from pain
– Works on the betterment of the overall health in general
– Focuses on a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle
– Improves awareness on having a safe environment
– Uses natural herbs and medicines
– Applies non-invasive treatments such as detoxification and proper exercise/nutrition

Traditional Treatment

The traditional treatment is different than the holistic approach, as it focuses on the symptoms and the disease in question. When a person experiences illness, traditional medicine practitioners try to suppress the symptoms with medicines. But there are times when the underlying problem or condition is not properly addressed.

Besides this, traditional treatment doesn’t emphasise or rely on the idea of using “preventive medicine”. Holistic medicine on the other hand, focuses on the entire well being of the patient and encourages healthy lifestyle choices and appropriate treatments. The traditional medicine could leave the patient vulnerable to diseases and relapses at later times.

However, there are certain medical conditions where the traditional treatment is the only choice. Take the example of an acoustic neuroma, which is tumor of the nerve connecting the ear to the brain. Holistic medicine has no real cure for it, leaving acoustic neuroma surgery as the only option.

Advantages of Traditional Treatment:

– Works best for dealing with traumatic conditions
– Focuses on completely eliminating the symptoms for the given condition
– Uses highly advanced and sophisticated medical devices for proper treatment
– Is highly flexible where patients can get treatment suggestions based on their symptoms

The type of treatment you choose to go for completely depends on you and your present health condition. There are many different factors that you will have to take into consideration before you take a decision.

Go ahead and consult professional practitioners on both the sides, because in the end, it’s about being healthy and disease free, regardless of what treatment you go for but remember : always consult your doctor before starting any treatment, its vital for your health to do that because he is the only one who knows your medical past.

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