High-Quality, Expert Care for Women by Women in Illinois

Women, from teenagers to adults, have various unique needs that require expert care. Chicago Center for Women’s Health was established to fill the void in the healthcare field. The practice aims to offer a comfortable, safe, and patient-friendly environment where women can be empowered to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Denise Molina Furlong MD and her team of medical professionals are highly skilled in performing minimally-invasive pelvic surgeries and procedures efficiently, quickly, and with care and compassion. To find out more about Chicago Center for Women’s Health, call the office near you or request an appointment online.

About the Practice

Chicago Center for Women’s Health is a state-of-the-art facility offering comprehensive women’s healthcare needs in Bedford Park, Oak Lawn, Naperville, and Chicago, Illinois. All patients that set foot at this practice are treated like family by a team of caring and compassionate providers. In fact, Chicago Center for Women’s Health is a practice for women by women, meaning that all healthcare providers are women.

In addition to the team of nurse practitioners and urogynecologists, the practice comprises a supportive medical staff including a surgical coordinator, office manager, and medical assistant. The providers take a personalized and holistic approach to patient care. They spend ample time discussing the patient’s symptoms, reviewing their medical records, and explaining the various treatment options to develop the most suitable treatment plan. In case of any concerns about the practice, visit their website today.


Chicago Center for Women’s Health provides a comprehensive approach to women’s health issues. Their approach to care allows the providers to offer an extensive range of gynecological services. Some of the issues addressed at the practice include urinary tract infections, irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, prolapse, blood in urine, and they also offer pre- and post-menopause care. All these conditions are comprehensively diagnosed and treated in the most efficient, timely, and caring manner possible.

The specialists at this cutting-edge facility emphasize the use of minimally-invasive procedures to reduce scarring and downtime often associated with conventional open procedures. Patients can benefit from various minimally-invasive procedures, including:

Ø  Vaginal reconstruction.

Ø  Cystoscopy to visualize the inside parts of the bladder.

Ø  Robot-assisted laparoscopy.

Ø  Hysteroscopy to visualize inside the uterus.

Patients can access their portals online. Besides, Chicago Center for Women’s Health accepts most insurance plans and allows Saturday appointments for improved convenience to their patients. For more information, schedule an initial consultation today.

Testimonials & Reviews

Chicago Center for Women’s Health values and appreciates reviews from their patients. To date, the facility prides itself on a 4.83 out of 5 stars rating based on 199 collected reviews. Check out more patient testimonials by visiting their online page.

In conclusion, Chicago Center for Women’s Health provides top-quality care to women of all ages across Illinois. The providers are selectively appointed from some of the best in the area and guarantee patients individualized care that meets their unique needs and goals. To access the comprehensive women’s care provided at Chicago Center for Women’s Health, call the nearest office or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment today.

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