Hidden Pool Dangers You Need To Know

pool dangers

Spending your summer days at the home pool can be truly incredible but that time can also be pretty dangerous. Unfortunately, there are numerous dangers that exist when you have a home pool and you need to be prepared. This is why you should be aware of the following facts, according to plumbing service Melbourne.

Drowning Is Silent

The common misconception is that you can easily spot someone that is drowning. Unfortunately, drowning is quite silent. Around 50% of parents believe they would be able to hear if a child would be drowning near them. In reality, drowning is really quiet and quick. Very little leg and arm movement appear in kids and the only time available is to take one quick breath. This is not enough to scream.

Lack Of Water Watchers

When your children play in a pool and you have a barbecue going, is there someone that is designated to watch the water? There is a huge possibility this was never actually considered. Every parent thinks that someone else will pay attention.

You need to designate someone that is the water watcher. His/her responsibility is to keep eyes on the pool at all times. Specialists actually recommend that a sign is used so that the person responsible can actually realize this.

The Dangers Of Texting

Lifeguards are often in place for home pools. Even at public pools, they cannot always be reliable. You cannot rely on the lifeguard. You have to also be careful. Unfortunately, smartphones make this really difficult since they are really distracting. In the past, people were reading books or magazines. Now they text. In all these cases, the risk of drowning is substantially larger. You need to be vigilant. You or the babysitter need to stay off the phone and actually watch children.

Swimming And Breathing Problems

Some terms you might have heard and do not know much about include “secondary drowning” and “dry drowning”. They practically mean that children end up with breathing difficulties after they swim, days after the event. This is a terrifying idea but it is just not something that you should worry about. Even so, if the child aspirated water while swimming, it is important to go to the doctor.


Children, usually boys, often engage in some rough-housing right around the water. This can lead to serious injuries. Around 80% of children that fatally drown in an open water setting are actually males.

Boys are serious risk-takers and they are at a really high risk of ending up injured. You should never let children just run around pools since decks are often really slippery. Pool deck companies now offer slip-resistant surfaces. They need to be seriously considered.

Kiddie Pools

So many believe that kiddie pools are completely safe. Unfortunately, these pools are a clear drowning danger. Children should never be in any water without supervision. You also have to empty the kiddie pools as often as you do with regular swimming pools since bacteria can appear. Also, if possible, try to store the kiddie pool in an upside-down position. This removes the possibility of having rainwater collect in it.

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