Here Is a Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipe


This healthy vegetable soup recipe is delicious and extremely easy to make.  It is low in calories and fat which makes it the perfect addition to any diet.

This is a vegetarian and vegan diet recipe.  For those of you who usually add meat to your vegetable soup – try it without the meat – I think you will like it just as well.

I love recipes that are quick, simple and healthy.  This vegetable soup recipe is one of my favorites.  The recipe makes a large pot of soup – if you can’t eat it all after a few days, it freezes very well.

Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipe


1 – 28 ounce can of tomato sauce
1 bag frozen green beans
1 bag frozen corn
1 bag frozen carrots
1 bag frozen small lima beans
1 bag frozen green peas
1 bag or box frozen chopped spinach
1 bag coleslaw cabbage (found in the fresh vegetable section by the bags of washed and packaged lettuce)

Salt and Pepper to taste


In a large pot, add the can of tomato sauce and all of the vegetables.  Add water to cover the vegetables by about two inches.   Add salt and pepper to taste.  Bring to a boil then simmer with the lid cracked for about three hours.

You can also cook this soup in your crockpot.   Prepare just as above and cook on high for about six hours.

Every time that I make this vegetable soup, I vary the ingredients.  Feel free to use any frozen or fresh vegetable that you like.   There are all different types of frozen beans that are delicious in this soup.   This soup is excellent with just about any vegetable that you might want to add.

You can also add barley, quinoa or rice to this soup.  Add the barley about two hours before the soup is done.  You should cook the quinoa or rice before adding and it can be added just before it is done.

I don’t usually go through the trouble of cooking rice or quinoa just to put in the soup, but if you plan to make your soup right after you have had a dish with rice or quinoa – make a little extra to add to the soup.

Making healthy meals is very important to me, but I also like to keep it simple.  Most of us don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen and appreciate a quick and easy recipe.

I hope that you and your family enjoy this healthy vegetable soup recipe.

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