Here Are the Ways Anger Could Ruin Your Life

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It is normal to get angry from time to time after disappointments and related issues. However, you sometimes lose emotional control and get angry, which is often accompanied by other symptoms such as anxiety, and trouble managing your thoughts. Doctors recommend that you seek treatment if your anger problem causes physical symptoms that include high blood pressure, fatigue, and headaches because they harm your body. Book an appointment today with Uptown Psych for anger management in Chicago if you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms. Below are the negative impacts of anger on your health.

Anger increases the risks of heart diseases.

Your cardiac health is affected significantly by anger outbursts. According to experts, the chance of getting a heart attack in an individual doubles the first two hours after an outburst. Repressed anger could also harm your heart when you try as much as possible to control your anger. If you are having frequent uncontrollable anger problems, you should seek treatment to reduce the risks of having a heart attack or other heart-related conditions.

Anger could cause a stroke.

Like for the heart attack, the chances of having a stroke also go up the first two hours after an outburst. According to studies, the risk of having a blood clot or bleeding in the brain triples after an anger incident. Therefore, patients with difficulties in anger management should seek immediate medical treatment, especially if they live with an aneurysm in either brain artery.

Increases the risk of illnesses

Previous research shows that anger also weakens an individual’s immune system. Recalling an experience alone affects the levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which affects the body’s ability to fight infections. People with anger management issues are advised to adopt coping strategies or seek treatment to reduce the risks.

Anger worsens anxiety

Patients who have frequent anger outbursts could also experience anxiety as a symptom. According to research, anger aggravates the symptoms of a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), which has the potential to interfere with how well you perform daily activities.

Anger causes depression

Studies have linked anger as a cause for most depression conditions, especially in men. People living with depression have also been seen to experience passive anger where individuals do not take action but settle for just rumination. Such persons are advised to seek activities that fill their minds, which exhaust any room for anger or what is going on.

Anger could hurt the lungs.

You do not have to be a smoker to hurt your lungs. A recent study by Harvard University scientists showed that hostility reduced the lung’s capacity and led to a couple of respiratory problems. Research also confirms that stress hormones cause inflammation of the airways, which also harms your lungs. Therefore, hostile people should consider treatment if they want to protect their lungs.

Due to all the effects mentioned above, it is now evident that anger can shorten your life. When you seek treatment, experts offer support groups, talk therapy, and prescribed medications to help you manage anger issues. They also examine you to determine the cause before customizing a treatment plan for you. Book an appointment today to restore your health.

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