Here are ten benefits from brain training games according to science

1. Brain Training Games Train Your Brain for Memory Tasks

Memorization is a key life skill, not only in school but beyond. It helps with
tests, the job, and improving existing skills.

Memory tasks could be something as simple as remembering a phone number or more
complicated tasks like a math formula or foreign language vocabulary (1).

2. Brain Training Games Challenge Your Brain

Brain training games also provide your brain with a novel challenge, and the
benefits of novel challenges for improving your cognitive abilities are many but most importantly
it helps keep your brain ready to learn new tasks should it need to do so.

And every day is a chance to learn something new, so why not be prepared with some
brain games training (2)?

3. Brain Training Games Learning Improves Neural Cognition

Neural cognition is the ability to make new pathways to adapt to changing
circumstances or complete a novel task.

This is basically the essence of brain training games and this basic skill can help
boost your cognitive abilities. All you need to do is engage in the best brain training games to gain the benefits (3).

4. Brain Training Games Help Teach Patterns

Recognizing patterns and interpreting them are two key skills that every active
brain should have, and the benefits for this extend to school and the workplace but
also beyond like in personal finances, for example.

5. Brain Training Games Work the Brain Out

As the name implies, brain training games are like exercise
for the brain
. Keeping yourself sharp as you age is a concern for many people,
and brain training games can help you accomplish this goal according to scientific
research (5).

6. Brain Training Games Improve Memorization of Facts and Formulas

Like memorization listed above, brain training games can also help with school tasks
like memorizing formulas or vocabulary words, even rules and instructions.

The point of this is the ability of a brain training game to drill information into
your brain helps it retain that information for later use.

Facts and formulas received in a passive manner are less likely to be retained than
those that are acquired through some kind of active process (6).

7. Brain Training Games Help Improve Focus

Many games require focus in order to be successful. When you watch some of the
biggest names in eSports one thing you will notice about all of them is how hyper
focused they are on the task at hand.

This is because gaming, no matter what type, requires an intense degree of focus in
order to be successful.

Brain training games made in a similar vein activate similar functions. Brain
training games can help you hone in on information and on changing situations.

This is because brain training games work on some of the same principles as regular
video games except for they make sure to continually engage rather than allow
passive participation in any way (7).

8. Brain Training Games Help the Brain Learn How to Adapt to New Concepts

Adapting to changing circumstances and learning new concepts is the core of
knowledge, and brain training games are beneficial in this area according to

One of the best things about games is how rapidly they are able to change things up
once you learn their schtick.

This helps keep your brain nimble and capable of moving from similar task to
slightly new yet similar task without missing a beat.

Brain training games are best at introducing rules then altering those rules. This
process makes your brain develop a similar adaptive ability (8).

9. Brain Training Games Boost Creativity

Being a more creative person is sometimes believed to be an inborn talent. But brain
training games have proven themselves capable of improving your ability to engage in
new ways of thinking and in engaging in novel ways of doing things.

Creativity is the ability to examine mundane tasks in a new way, and this is the
core of many brain training games (9).

10. Brain Training Games May Help Prevent Mental Decline

Passively viewing television has zero benefits for cognition, and other tasks, if
they are rote or mundane, might have minimal impact as well.

Brain training games keep introducing your brain to new concepts and maintains
pressure on your cognitive abilities to adapt and change.

Do You Know Any Other Benefits? Share With Us!

If you have any experience in using brain training games, whether it’s positive or
negative, share with us.

Reza is the owner of Multipotens, a brain improvement website that focuses on brain
improving products and tips.

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