Healthy Recipes For Healthy Teeth

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Millions of people around the world simply never grasp the strong relationship between oral health and a healthy diet. People can often times go their entire lives believing that if they simply “brush your teeth” twice a day they will wind up with healthy teeth and their dentist will be proud of them. That is why so many people have unhealthy teeth and why so many people wind up in the dentist’s office with cavities or other serious oral health problems. By maintaining a healthy diet filled with healthy recipes a person can maintain excellent oral hygiene, and stop gingivitis from forming around their gums.

When people go for their annual teeth cleaning they are often asked by their dentist how many times you brush and if you floss daily. These questions imply that these two actions are the only tasks required to maintain adequate oral hygiene. In fact, other than the act of brush your teeth, eating healthy recipes is the single most important thing a person can do to increase their oral hygiene. A healthy recipe includes foods that do not leave harmful chemicals or sugars behind on the teeth that will eat away at tooth enamel and bring on the early onset of gingivitis. Healthy recipes are low in acid and they do not include high fructose corn syrup or even many other fatty acids that leave behind sticky residue. Many candied and sweets eaten by people today are extremely harmful to oral hygiene and can be linked directly to serious dental health problems.

When determining what types of healthy recipes to eat, it is important to know which foods are the best for oral health and which foods will leave behind harmful residues that will hurt your teeth. Foods that are very high in acid and high in sugar such as pineapple, lemon, lime, and all candy or sweets are very bad for your teeth. These foods leave behind bacteria and sugar that begin to break down tooth enamel almost upon contact. If you do not brush after eating each of these foods the sugars and acid will wear away at the tooth enamel and gingivitis will quickly begin to form. If these foods are left in contact with the teeth for extended periods of time they can cause permanent damage.

Some of the healthy foods for your teeth include whole grains, starches, and pasta. Almost all vegetables are also excellent sources of vitamins and other healthy products for your teeth. When you eat a carrot or celery for example, you are chewing on vitamins that are directly absorbed into your teeth that are used to increase the strength of your teeth as well as make your teeth whiter and healthier. These vegetables even help to fight the buildup of bacteria within your teeth. Healthy recipes that include these foods are sure to increase the overall oral hygiene of your teeth. When you brush your teeth after eating one of these healthy recipes you can rest assured that your teeth were healthier than before you started eating.

There are many recipes that include these healthy ingredients but some of the best are a chicken broccoli casserole, a white chicken chili, and a vegetable soup. All three of these recipes incorporate the most tooth friendly foods and will ensure that your oral health will stay intact well until after your next teeth cleanings. If you continue to follow these healthy recipes and incorporate them into a healthy diet you will be well on your way to better oral hygiene and the elimination of gingivitis in your mouth.

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