Healthy Hacks: 6 Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Achieving your fitness goals doesn’t have to seem like a punishment. It can be a long journey, but if you work hard and work smart, you can get there. We’ve rounded up 6 healthy hacks that will help you reach your fitness goals.

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Monitor Your Steps

Get a step tracker so you can really see how much you’re moving during the day. You’ll want to try a little harder to hit 10,000 steps each day. You can see where you’re being sedentary and figure out how long it takes you to reach your goals daily. You can also figure out your speed at different times of the day with these devices. It’ll give you the motivation you to need to step on the gas to get more steps. It will take more than just steps to reach your goals, but so much of the journey is mental. If you want to stay strong on your path, it’s important you get moving one step at a time.

Make It Fun

Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun with exciting playlists and cool trails. Go for a walk or ride your bike along with a beautiful piece of scenery. As you go, play the music that makes you dance and sings along. Don’t worry about those that stare, they’re just jealous you look fit as you have fun. Even if you’re on the treadmill, turn on a movie or listen to music that keeps you entertained.

Most athletes just need a distraction so they can keep pushing forward until they reach their end goal. Take along a friend so you can talk as you move. You know what keeps you going when you workout, so go for it!


In the beginning, the carnitine is actually made in the body. It’s made from amino acids lysine and methionine. These release energy from fat. This is why carnitine supplements are a great way to improve your overall athletic performance while burning fat. L-carnitine is used by many athletes to help reduce lactic acid accumulation after working out which leads to sore muscles that hinder your workouts. For many, carnitine helps them get back to work fast after a tough workout. It helps burn fat, helps heart function and boosts mood at the same time.

Don’t Burn Out

Know your limits. You don’t want to face athletic burnout as it will lead you to the couch. Don’t try to do too much each day. You can chip away at your workouts and still see results. If you hit the gym hard for three days in a row, you might hit a wall that knocks you down for a week keeping your goals even further away. Take your time and write down your goals. It could take months to reach these goals, but they’re attainable if you stick with your schedule.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew in the gym or you might lose hope. Do a little more each day. You don’t have to start lifting the max. Start with a lower weight and work your way there. If you do this day by day, you’ll start seeing results and won’t lose focus. Every athlete has a fuse within. Keeping that fuse lit with a passion for results is the magic that keeps pushing you to the finish line.

Track Your Progress

It’s one of the easiest ways to stay on track. By monitoring your progress, you’ll see where you’re growing and changing in a good way. Take before and after pictures. You might cringe at the thought, but it’ll help you stay focused. When you lose motivation, check out that before picture, and you’ll want to keep pushing. Little changes add up to big changes. You might not notice a difference in your body until you look at the photo and see how much you’ve changed.

Write down the goals you’ve already achieved. Write down how much weight you lift each week, how many miles you run, etc. You’ll see these numbers slowly start to climb. Numbers on the scale don’t mean as much as the muscle tone you’ll begin to see. One day you’ll notice all of your hard work has paid off, and you’re a lean, mean, fighting machine.

New Workout Clothes

Loose, boring workout clothes don’t give you much motivation. Go for some streamlined, fashionable workout clothes that give you a great feeling. You’ll want to hit the gym as soon as you put them on! You’ll feel motivated to get moving so you just how the fabric wicks away sweat keeping you fresh, and how the garments move along with you. You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel motivated. Just buy some things that make you feel ready to pound the pavement.

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