Healthy Eating for Busy People


It’s good to be busy. Having lots on in daily life whether it be work, family, a social life or a combination of all of these things is healthy for the mind and the spirit.  On the down side though, an assiduous lifestlye can take its toll on your diet with healthy eating often losing out to the much more convenient option of grabbing pre-packaged calory-laden foods that you can eat on the go.  With a little know-how and planning though, there are some measures you can take to make sure your body doesn’t suffer as a result of your busyness.

Plan Ahead

Planning is crucial to maintaining a healthy diet. If you have time at the weekend when your  schedule might be marginally less stacked than in the week, then take an hour to prepare some ingredients that can be quickly cobbled into a meal at a later time.  Bake or grill some chicken breasts, hardboil some eggs and cook up some rice, pasta and couscous.  Make enough for 3 or 4 meals then pack in tupperware and store in the fridge or freezer.  Throwing together a healthy midweek  meal in a couple of minutes will be simple as you’ll have the ready-cooked ingredients at your fingertips.  If you’ve time at the weekend to make meals such as soups, pasta dishes, or casseroles then these all freeze brilliantly, making a tasty healthy midweek meal.

Shop Wisely

Don’t go to the supermarket when you’re hungry as you could be tempted down the unhealthy snack route.  Instead, stock up on healthy options such as dried fruit, nuts, trail mix and vegetables such as carrots, celery and pepper.  Chop up the vegetables and place portions in sandwich bags which you can nibble on throughout the day.  If you know what evenings you’ll be at home, make a healthy menu plan for the week and stick to it.

Make sure you eat breakfast

Breakfast is integral to a healthy diet as it’ll ensure your metabolism doesn’t slow down and also means you’re less likely to succumb to a mid-morning snacking binge.  If you don’t have time for breakfast at home, then leave a wholegrain bagel and some fruit out the night before, grab these before you leave and munch them on your commute to work.  If you’ve a few minutes before you go to bed the night before then blend a smoothie or fruit milkshake and keep it in the fridge to glug in the morning.

Research before eating out

If you’re eating out then try and look up restaurant menus online beforehand.  Search for nutrtition information if you can as this will allow you to see what the healthiest options are ahead of time and make an informed choice.

If your fridge is empty…

Should you find your fridge depressingly depleted then there is always the takeaway menu option.  These days there are many heatlhy online takeaways to be found including takeaway salads and sushi which are a great alternative if you don’t have time to go to the supermarket.

If you’re able to incorporate some of these tips into your routine then your diet won’t suffer from your schedule.  What’s more, a healthy diet means usually means improved concentration, greater energy levels and better sleeping patterns ensuring that you’ll be able to make the most of the time you do have.

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