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get ride of double chin fat

How To Get Rid Of Excess Chin Flab

If you have a double chin, there’s a good chance that you are dying to get rid of it. The difficult thing about double chins is that even the thinnest of people can develop a double chin. Having that excess flab hanging off under your chin makes a big difference in how you look – and...


Considering Liposuction? Read This First – Understandic Liposuction

Liposuction, also known to some as lipoplasty or “suction-assisted lipectomy” is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is well known for sucking the fat out of certain areas of our body. Any where there may be a fat deposit under the skin, liposuction may be the best course of action to take to remove it. This is...

green tea cup and leaves

The Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Everyone seems to be ranting and raving about how wonderful green tea is these days, so much so that even the most avid coffee drinker is often making the switch from cappuccino to green tea! This is for a pretty good reason. Green tea offers a wealth of different health and beauty benefits that will help...