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nutritional facts on food labels

Decoding The Nutritional Facts Food Labels

Have you ever walked through a grocery store and noticed a shopper staring down at the nutritional facts of two products and comparing the two? Some things are easy for us to see immediately: serving size, the calories, and the total fat, but what does this all mean? Serving Size One thing that people often fail...

diet tips for a flat tummy

Dieting Tricks And Tips To Get a Taut, Trim Tummy

Crunches, planks, sit ups… all of this exercising and you still have that stubborn flab that just doesn’t seem to want to leave your midsection! Do not lose hope. You are building muscle – it’s just being covered up under a layer of fat. Getting rid of fat can’t be done by exercising alone. One must...

Gm Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan

Lose Weight with GM Indian Vegetarian Diet

Not many people embrace the idea of dieting.  In fact, the mere suggestion of it can suddenly conjure up all sorts of images and sacrifices – and all in the name of losing a few extra pounds.  But the good news is, it needn’t be difficult and better than that, it doesn’t have to be a...