Health Trends That Got People Talking in 2018

The year 2018 set the stage for a growing population that is more aware of their wellness, especially due to its accessibility. During the year, big firms were more responsive to consumer demands by offering better personal care goods, sustainable practices, and high-quality food. During the same period, microbiome research offered promising outlooks for better healthcare as well as healing disease.

2018 was marked by incredible trends that have helped make your world even a better place for children, yourself, and even the planet. Below is a rundown of these trends.

Reduced Food Wastage

A study carried out in 2012 indicated that the US population throws out between 31 and 40 percent of their food after harvesting, before it even hits the plate. Briefly, that is more than 1,200 calories for each individual per day. Even scarier is the fact that about 1.3 billion ton of food is wasted or lost – and vegetables and fruits are the most wasted!

Through efforts by various organizations, people are now more aware of personal food waste and the impact it has on the world. For instance, it is possible to save a year’s worth of meals through planned recipes. In addition, an emphasis on using glass containers and other non-plastic food storage environmentally friendly options.

Big Data

big data

Big databases make it possible to get accurate statistics based on data for predicting potential health issues. In addition, the data makes it possible for patients to find treatment options more easily; for instance, when researching plastic surgeons in Las Vegas. With large databases, it is possible to get stats on frequent health problems, appointment booking, and even estimating when doctors are most likely to be open.

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) allows a consulting physician access to your data that includes diagnostics, cardiac waveforms, previous prescriptions, and chronic diseases. The EHR made it possible for the interaction between a doctor and patient to be more productive. In fact, the system helps cut down the number of papers you give a physician.

Telemedicine and Telehealth

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A huge proportion of people, 74 percent, consider a doctor’s consult more productive when carried out over messages or phone call. And that was back in 2013 when people realized that there were disadvantages to traditional physician visits! Today, messages and calls are outdated due to better alternatives on the market.

In the age of applications and smartphones, it is much easier to use an app to find matched doctors and medical professionals through queries like “where you can find help with hearing aids in New Hampshire”. Moreover, why would you miss a chance of consulting your doctor via video call or chat?

With the technological developments in 2018, it’s unlikely users will go back to the traditional healthcare model. Especially when you consider that telemedicine tech places a personal online-doctor in the pocket!

Augmented Reality

The combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality apps provides additional benefit to patients and doctors. Today, it’s possible to convert a smartphone camera into a device that inspects the location of the respiratory and blood vascular systems, digestive organs, skeleton, and much more.

In the medical world, AR can be used for administering injections because, according to statistics, nurses miss veins four out of 10 times. From major operations to massages, AR makes everything easier, making it a helpful tool in the medical world.


What do you think about the health trends above for 2018? The trends show a clear direction towards a world where people are more willing to treat their health issues with more responsibility. It’s time you use these incredible practices to make the world a better place.

Author: Airto Zamorano is the CEO and Co-Founder of Numana SEO and Numana Medical. He is an experienced business leader and digital marketer with a track record of success.

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