Health Tips for Healtly Lifestyle

Nutrition and health are an intertwined component in human wellness and natural beauty. A balanced diet is so essential to a healthy lifestyle that nutritional deficiencies occur when any of the essential food groups are omitted e.g. exclusion of vitamins in the diet will lead to nutritional defiencies such as Pellagra (lack of vitamin B6), Scurvy (lack of vitamin C), Night blindness (lack of vitamin A) and Rickets (lack of vitamin D).Our eating habits are key determinants of a healthy lifestyle and good health.

Human nutrition is all about eating habits, eating the right quantities of all essential food types regularly and consistently; commonly referred to as a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one which contains preferably, natural and fresh vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and water in the right amounts. A good diet is the first line of defense against disease, if the body’s natural healing mechanism is working optimally, then we will have a much more happier, longer and disease free life since most of the common diseases are actually preventable, hence the old adage “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Poor nutrition in most cases is seen as “lack of a vital food type” but it can also be caused by an eating habit or disorder, mainly associated with the urban folk who eat less natural foods and more fatty processed foods known as “binge eating” which occurs when one’s diet consists of foods with a lot of calories. The extra calories that the body doesn’t use are then stored in the body leading to one being overweight; a medical condition referred to as obesity. In order to achieve wellness in body and mind, we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition is mandatory. The human body has a natural healing mechanism and all it needs are the ingredients to set this in motion but this is only the physical, the mental side only comes after the former has been taken care like the self loathing associated with persons suffering from being overweight.

An overweight person in most cases perceives that he or she lacks beauty, while on the other hand healthy and fit people’s perception of their beauty is higher and this helps the body’s own natural healing process. In this case one has to enroll in weight loss programs, take weight loss supplements and weight loss medical procedures.

Health tips are not only for the one’s suffering from nutritional defiencies but also for the healthy too, maintaining the healthy look requires strict adherence to the same health tips. Prevention is better than cure, a healthy lifestyle is an attainable goal, it should be up there with our goals and dreams, without a healthy vessel then we have no business trying to achieve or goals because we might not be there to enjoy it. This is only possible of eating the right foods, at the right amounts consistently and regularly. Remember: eat well- live well.

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