Health bloggers – Do you Apply What you Read?


As an active health blogger we read many tips on health, fitness and nutrition every day, but do we really put all of it into action or at least part of it? I thought to compile a list of five such tips that I had read in the last month or so and have successfully applied them in the real world. Some of it was easy, other took a bit of time and effort but finally I was able to work all of it.

Stock Up At the Farmer’s Market – Fresh fruits and vegetables sounds great, however if the same thought is taking you to a super market or a cold-storage underground section, then it is not all that healthy. So, there I was reading the blog post at healthibles which is run by Ryan and I thought to put his idea into action. I drove my car a bit far off in the nearby village and bought some fresh vegetables and stocked them up in the fridge. Firstly the vegetables were a lot fresh and they were cheap too. Next, as Ryan already mentioned, they certainly did taste good. Another thing that I noted was that there were plenty of vegetables in the local market and I did not even know all of them. So, I got some new kind of vegetables to include in my diet.

Healthy Snack Ideas For Children – I am no child, but that can hardly keep me away from healthy snacks. I gave quite a few of those snack ideas a try and some did tasted good and they all are definitely healthy. Also, while checking on the comments section of that post, I found some people discussing on how many types of vegetables we eat during a week. Am no vegetarian but I definitely eat quite a few. However, now that I have already applied the first point in action, I can proudly say that I eat quite a lot of different types of vegetables during, at least the last week. Will try to keep it on.

Best Foods For Weight Loss – I don’t really need weight loss, but I can feel a bit of belly fat that I wanted to get rid. This article looked promising so I gave it a try. I don’t expect anything quickly, will continue eating nuts and other foods mentioned in the article and for the water, am already a great fan of drinking enough water and will continue doing it.

Exercise Your Body – I have pretty much followed everything of this article, starting from reducing the hours in front of the Tv which I was working on anyway, and then taking stairs which I try but the elevator is damn tempting… I have worked it out finally though. And about the parking space, I got no luck with it for good; always have to walk a mile anyway. The things that I have seriously followed from this post is increasing my walking and using those free lazy moments by doing some quick exercises here and there.

Ways To Live Longer – I wish I could tell you the location of the fountain of youth or make you the philosophers stone, but unfortunately we do not live in the world of harry potter. So, we need to do it the hard way. I followed quite a few points of this article, like started doing yoga and yes, I have increased my intake of chocolates. For the green space, am taking a long drive to nearby “Green” locations. This is something which is helping me achieve quite a few things, like taking vacation and buying fresh vegetables, and at the same time visiting trees and taking some fresh village air.

Will come up with the next edition of the, application of the health blogging tips episode soon with more such healthy posts, make sure to subscribe in our feeds and stay tuned.

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