Health Benefits Of Honey and Bee Products


Honey is a natural, unique and healthy resource of nutrients that are extremely important for the human body. Therefore, it is an excellent food, essential in the daily human diet.

Crystallization is a natural characteristic of honey. The tendency towards crystallization depends on the ratio of grape and fruit sugars in honey, temperatures and humidity. The crystallized honey can become again liquid by heating. This can be done by immersing the bowl with honey in a vessel with hot water, but the water temperature should not exceed 55 degrees of Celsius, because then the honey loses the vitamins. Natural honey leaks as a fine continuous thread.

Honey shows good effects in the treatment of many diseases, however its effectiveness depends on proper application.
-Honey has to be kept for long time in the mouth until it melts, because the medicinal substances in contact with the tongue glands quickly and unchanged enter the blood and body.
– In case of constipation, honey is taken dissolved in cold water.
– Honey dissolved in warm water helps in cases of diarrhea.
– In cases of increased gastric acid, consume honey  1 to 2 hours before eating.
– Against the cold, take a tablespoon of linden honey dissolved in a cup of warm milk (morning and evening).
-Pomegranate tea with honey is effective in cases of kidney and urinary tract infections.
– Acacia honey with chamomile tea can mitigate insomnia and dizziness.
-Honey is not recommended for diabetics.

Propolis Drops
Propolis as a natural antibiotic and is widely used in the care and treatment of infections, treatment of wounds and eczema, skin diseases, burns, inflammation of the bronchi, and strengthening the defense capabilities of the organism. In the treatment of respiratory problems, put 15 to 20 drops of tincture into milk or chamomile tea and drink 3 times daily before meals. Drops can be placed on a sugar cube or teaspoon of honey. Children take up to 5 drops. For inhalation put 20 drops of tincture  in 2 dl hot water or chamomile tea, and then inhale vapor.

Honey with floral powder (pollen)
It is recommended in cases of chronic inflammation of the liver, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, prostate disorders, atherosclerosis, depression, anemia and for general immunity. It is highly recommended for people who are taking large amounts of antibiotics. Take one teaspoon of  this mixture 3 times daily before meals.

Honey, pollen and wheat germ
Recommended for chronic intestinal diseases, stomach disorders and as a regulator of digestion.

Honey and royal jelly
In addition to the many ingredients contained in honey, royal jelly is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C. This mixture is proved very effective in cases of:  weakness, exhaustion, senility, eating disorders, heart disease, insomnia, psychological disorders, neurosis, premature aging. Also, it improves circulation, accelerates the regeneration of lost energy in physical and mental effort, and maintains the general vitality of the organism. It is taken 3 times daily before meals.

Warning: for the consumption of royal jelly use only plastic or wooden spoons. Metal spoons should be strictly avoided. Avoid also the administration of honey products to babies under 2 years old !!

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