Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

As hard as it is to believe, vaping has numerous health benefits to the body. E-cigarettes are safer than smoking by far. Apart from the fact that you will not smell of tobacco, vaping is good for a smoker looking to quit smoking.

The cigarettes are more sophisticated than the traditional cigarettes that contain over 4000 chemicals. All these chemicals end up in your system and cause massive damage. Many people have developed severe complications, and many have died from prolonged smoking due to illnesses like cancer and cardiac arrests.

Vapers and e-juices contain few ingredients, and they are safe for consumption. Let us look at some of the health benefits of E-cigarettes.

No coughing and wheezing

Smokers have a persistent cough that does not clear. This is because of the accumulation of tar and mucus in the throat and sinuses. The body reacts to these distractions by coughing to get rid of them. With e-cigarettes, no tar or carbon monoxide is produced. This means that the airways remain clear.

That annoying cough becomes a thing of the past with vaping. When you quit smoking and take up vaping, you will notice thick phlegm coming from the respiratory system. This is a sign that your body is getting rid of all the clogging.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Smoking tobacco increases the risk of smoking-related cancer for many smokers. Vaping has been reported to reduce the risk by 95%. This is because an e-juice contains a base, a flavor, and nicotine, unlike a cigarette that contains over 4000 chemicals.

Among these 4000 chemicals are carcinogens that cause cancer. With vaping, you only take in nicotine and nothing else. The other ingredients are termed as safe. E-cigarettes are the new way of avoiding cancer and still enjoying the feeling of a traditional cigarette.

Low Rate of Heart Attack

Blood vessels constrict after years of smoking. This construction interferes with the flow of blood and could lead to heart attacks. You have probably heard of a smoker who dropped dead out of the blues. This is a consequence of prolonged smoking.

With over 43 carcinogenic compounds, cigarettes are a health hazard. With vaping, all these risks are eliminated. One can still have a taste of tobacco from the tobacco e-juice without the dangers of smoking it. You also feel high and enjoy all the good feelings that come with tobacco and still keep your heart safe.

Clean System

Every puff of a cigarette ingests toxins in the body. The riskiest substance is carbon monoxide that prevents the flow of blood oxygen. When a smoker’s hands feel cold, it is because of the less flow of blood to the hands. Vaping gives the body a break and time to clean out all these toxins without the withdrawal symptoms.

The body eliminates all the tar that accumulates in the lungs, throat and the entire respiratory system. The result is an improved sense of smell. Your breathing becomes clear and less strenuous. You can even exercise without gasping for air. Doctors have confirmed that a heavy smoker can return to the health of a non-smoker after fifteen years without smoking.

This shows that one can return to normal after years of smoking. When you vape, zero carbon monoxide, and tar get into the body. The body gets time to clear all the toxins and carcinogens that have accumulated over time. The benefits are noticeable in the first month of vaping.

There are many arguments about the safety of e-cigarettes. Many people have said that vaping is the same as smoking. However, researchers have found out that vaping is the safest method. The health of a person should always come first.

As difficult as quitting old habits are, there is always a way out. For smokers, vaping is the way out of this life-threatening habit. The benefits outweigh the risks, and the feeling is still the same. So, why continue risking your life when there is another way.

Most people are shifting to e-cigarettes for health purposes. E-cigarettes are cost-effective and friendlier to the environment than cigarettes. The cloud produced while vaping is not as harmful as the smoke produced while smoking. E-cigarettes are healthier than those traditional cigarettes.

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