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Have you been living on the unhealthy side of life for a long time now? Well, at times it is hard to know when you are not living healthy. However, it is easy to tell that your lifestyle is not healthy just from your nutrition. For instance, how many times have you gone without a meal? How high is your intake for high fat/sugar foods? How often do you neglect the importance of sticking to natural foods as opposed to processed food?

For healthy living and general wellness, you need to practice consistency in the intake of a balanced nutrition, a thing you might have failed a million times. The secret to proper health lies in the power and will to devise a working nutritional plan and sticking to it until it bears results.

The nutrients we consume through food are basically divided into three major classes; macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. The energy we so burn to keep our bodies warm is provided by carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are solely charged with responsibility of replenishing the body energy resources. Commonly known as carbs or sugars, these nutrients are found in all plant foods, fruits and nuts. Legumes also serve a source of vital carbohydrates, so is milk and its products. The recommended daily intake for an adult is set at 130g. Keep your intake in check to avoid unwanted build up of fat deposits.

Another vital macronutrient is the body building protein. Also make entry in diet journals and magazines as peptides. Proteins help in the building of muscles and organs. Bodily repairs on wounds are left to the proteins, so is the synthesis of blood, which is majorly protein in form. In energy metabolism, proteins play a major role, something they also do in cell processes. Immunity would be at an all time low if proteins lacked. Through immunity function, proteins steps into the shoes of the body protector. Fish, meat, eggs, beans and poultry are just but common sources of protein. The daily intake for adults is set at 460g and 560g for females and males respectively.

Fats and fiber are intertwined somewhere between the proteins and carbohydrates. Fiber is very helpful in the digestive process. Fats are very vital to cell functions and insulation. Whole grain foods are good sources of fiber as well as some fats. Margarine and butter are very good sources of fats. Fats will also pass as lipids in many publications. If you plan to lose weight, try some fiber laden foods, it washes away excess fats in time reducing the amount absorbed.

Vitamins also play a major role in nutrition. Healthy eating demands that vitamins be part of the nutrition. There are a number of vitamins with different roles. The functions range from promoting vision all the way to preventing bone loss. No matter how well you outfit your calories, without the vitamins, metabolism is stalled, cell processes killed and nutrients synthesis fails.

Leaving minerals such as calcium and phosphorous out of the diet is catastrophic. Your bones and CNS depends on the salts.

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