HCG Diet Drops : The Drops That Really Drop Your Weight

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Before agreeing to any weight loss treatment, it is important that you check for scientific evidence that it actually works. This is because a lot of the treatments promoted in the media are mere fads that have absolutely no scientific backing.

One weight loss diet plan that has existed for decades with plenty of scientific studies to back it is the “HCG protocol”. hCG Drops is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a very important hormone when it comes to regulating the body’s metabolism.

It is a synthetically cultivated alternative to the natural hCG hormone that women produce during pregnancy. Although both sexes produce the hormone, it is pregnant women who produce the most. It targets those problems that prevent a person from losing weight. These are usually problems that we have little control over such as body chemistry and genetics.

What are HCG drops?

Review of Weight Loss DietingPlansMany people will be pleased to hear that an hCG treatment does not always have to be injections. If you are one of those people who are averse to needles, hCG drops are the right fit for you. They are made by pharmacists who customize doses that are specific to different individual needs.

hCG drops are ideal for people looking to jumpstart to healthy lifestyles. Upon reaching your ideal weight, you are advised to change over to a healthy eating and exercise regime. What makes them ideal for weight loss is that they cause an increase in the metabolic rate in the body as well as a release of the stored fat.

Do Clinical Studies Back HCG drops?

Studies have shown that the orally administered hCG is just as effective as the hCG injections. Dr. Daniel Belluscio is the founder of the Oral HCG Center. He has been studying the effectiveness of hCG as a weight loss treatment since the 1980’s. The center has several studies that prove that oral hCG works as a weight loss treatment.

How Do hCG Drops Help in Weight Loss?

HCG stimulates the hypothalamus to release chemicals that burn the stored fat, which is then released hgcinto the bloodstream to be used as energy. In the process, any nutrients that were stored in the fat will also be released to sustain the body’s needs.

HCG works well when supplemented with a 500-calorie daily limit. Once you lose the weight, you should be careful not to go back to the old eating habits as this will only cause you to regain the weight. At the same time, failing to adhere to the hCG drops protocol to the letter only reduces your chances of successfully losing weight.

How to Use the hCG Drops

  1. Do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after taking hCG drops
  2. Place the drops under the tongue. It is here that the hCG is absorbed into the system through a large vein.

Benefits of hCG Drops

  • Increased metabolism: HCG drops increase the body’s metabolism to high levels leading to increased burning of fat. This is why strenuous exercises are not recommended while taking hCG drops.
  • Reduced appetite: HCG suppresses appetite even for heavy eaters. This makes it easy to stick to the 500-calorie daily limit without struggling with hunger pangs.
  • No stretch marks: The last thing you want to see on your arms and legs after losing weight is those unpleasant stretch marks. With the HCG program, you will not have them.
  • Reprogrammed eating habits: HCG reprograms the hypothalamus part of your brain to help you eat healthy. Even after stopping the hCG drops, you will still maintain the new eating habits.
  • Wholesome program: Since the hCG drops are accompanied with a healthy diet plan, it rearranges your whole eating habits into a more healthy regime. Even though the calories are lowered, the essential nutrients are still maintained.

Bottom Line:

If you have been skeptical about losing weight in the past, you now have a reason to set aside the skepticism. With the hCG drop it is easy to shed those extra pounds and start on a new path towards healthier living.

It is time for you to join the many success stories of hCG drops weight loss treatment. With such a painless and non-invasive treatment, there is no reason why you should hold on to the extra weight. Furthermore the hCG drops are very pleasant tasting and do not contain alcohol.

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