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Woah! Look at that girl! When would I ever be this smart? These muffin tops and cottage cheese thighs are way beyond my acceptance! Why is it only me getting fatter day by day? Do I not look pretty? Is my weight to much to carry? Relax ladies! We all have had these statements and questions in our head, bothering us since eternity. In today’s world. where magazine covers and social media has created such high looks and body standards, we don’t even have a clue whether we are liable to stand out there or not. The competition seems to be really tough. And even if it’s not, your social circle will make you feel so.

In the world of crash diets and tons of weight lifting, we forget how simple it is to get rid of that extra weight we are carrying. Is there a wedding around the corner? Or a party maybe where you gotta to look hot? Go for a crash diet! This one idea has led us to increase that extra weight a few pounds more after we tend to shed them.


Slow and steady, always wins the race. We all have heard about that story right? This is the mantra you would need to apply for a healthy body. While people are turning towards crash diets, they forget that its all the matter of our metabolism. Going for a crash diet puts you in a mere starvation mode. When you are over with the wedding or that one party, and you try to have you favorite food, you allow your body to cling to each and every calorie since you relieve it from the starvation mode. This will again make you fat, really fat!

So what you really need to do is, go for a diet, but not a fad one for this time. If you really want to lose weight, try keeping your metabolism high. This will be done only with the correct amount of portion taken each time. Keeping this in mind, let us tell you a solution that is being talked about these days, the HCG diet!


HCG diet is one of the latest introduced diets that promises to show faster weight loss results. If you are one of those people that continue to binge eat but do not have enough calorie burning capacity, then this is the diet you should follow.

The main part of the plan is “calorie restriction.” It has primarily been formulated for people who do not know the exact portion of calories they need as per the amount they burn. This diet will restrict you on calories which will eventually lead you to shed that extra fat.

Moreover, there comes the use of HCG as a stimulator in this weight loss program.


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone is basically a pro-hormone. This means that it is used as a stimulator in our body to increase the production of other hormones. In pregnant women, this hormone is increased by large amounts.


Experts say that the diet has two phases. The first phase is where you cut down on the calories. This diet allows you to have a maximum of 800 calories a day which is enough to shed a lot of weight. What really happens sometimes is that, when you cut down to such low amount of calories, your body tries to go into starvation mode. It tends to shut down the metabolism so that you have enough calories to suffice your energy requirement for the day.

Now comes the second part. To prevent the onset of starvation mode, the diet has additional HCG, a small amount of which allows you to keep your body from entering the starvation mode and to continue with its normal functions. This way,  you do not encounter the plateau phase of your weight loss program, for your body is not stopping anywhere.


This diet plan is also called as VLCD or VERY LOW CALORIE DIET. This is because of the fact that it allows you to acquire only 500 calories per day along with the injections. While being on low calories, the plan permits you administration of HCG injections which helps your metabolism. If one person is on a diet for 30 days, they will take HCG injections for 27 days only. The last three days will be HCG free. The purpose of this is to make sure that you don’t regain the weight you have just lost after withdrawal of HCG.


An alternative to these painful injections is obviously the fact that it also comes in drops. However, there are two types of these drops available.

  1. Homeopathic drops: these are said to have lesser amount of concentrated HCG and is more lipotropic; that is, it contains chemicals that burn fat more. However, since it is a lesser concentrated form, it is available over the counter. Thus, you may have an easy access to it.
  2. Prescription drops: these are said to have undiluted forms of HCG. These are also called DIY drops because you have to mix and prepare them. However, you need to have a prescription for this.


Well, we could not ignore the fact that we have listened many times that you should not play with your hormones unnecessarily. Administration of HCG might cause side effects like:

  1. Headache
  2. Fatigue
  3. Irritability
  4. Edema (swelling in feet and hands)
  5. Heaviness of breasts in males

Also, severe calorie restriction might lead you to a rebound weight gain later in life, hair fall, weak eyesight etc.


This diet will definitely help you out in terms of weight loss. However, if you feel that you are experiencing any side effects, do call your physician to seek for help as the main goal is to keep your body healthy and fit.


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