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If anything makes you so worried of your hair aesthetics, it is baldness. Yes, it hurts a lot! – Especially, if you are young, and yet to grab a girl friend. All your youthfulness may loose for ever in the bud only. How do you go about it? Will you repent fro what happened to you? Or, you would search for some remedies that work in reality?

Don’t despair. There are permanent solutions for you. Hair implant can do wonders for your baldness. Generally, the early-age baldness can happen from diseases like Androgenetic Alopecia or severe skin damages. If you have lost your hair due to genetic reasons or an accident, hair implant can cure your problem permanently. It sounds interesting and effective too.  Let us see how does this hair transplantation work in medical language?

Hair implant is a minor surgical procedure. Hereditary hair loss has a particular pattern. The frontal head looses hair, but backside hair remains intact. Most of the baldness follows the same pattern. Therefore, through surgery, it is possible to cut out the strong hair portion in bunches. Then, small incisions (looks like pores) are made on the bald area. The healthy hair roots are taken in bunches and inserted into the pores. This method of insertion is called hair grafting and bunches are called hair graft. After all the hair grafts are put in place, you need to take rest for an hour or two. After the effects of local anesthesia starts reducing, you can drive home. Cosmetic surgeon will prescribe medicines for quick recovery and healing. Just few days of skin irritation and little pains and you are OK with new shinning hair.

The procedure is simple and safe. Most importantly, you get your original hair that will never fall. You can apply shampoo, soap, oil into it and comb it as you wish. These hairs grow regularly and you need to treat them as you did earlier. Get a new look with your own lost hair. No need to use wigs or artificial hair restoration.

Cosmetic surgery has advanced a lot. With experienced doctors in the city, you can think of any sort of skin or hair related solutions.

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