Hair loss: Things you should know about male hair loss

Our Hairs shed daily and are replaced with new hairs again. Hair loss is caused when due to some reason the re-growing of hairs is affected and body cannot regenerate the lost hairs. Hair loss is a common aging pattern in almost all parts of world. Other common causes for hair loss are poor nutrition, over stressed lifestyles and skin infections or diseases.

Certain medical treatments like chemotherapy also cause complete hair loss. People suffering with kidney or liver failure also report huge hair loss. Poor blood flow and hormonal problems are other less common reasons for hair loss in men and women.

There are three cycles of hair growth in humans: Hair Growing, Hair Resting and Hair Shedding. Every hair that grows on our scalp follow this own pattern of growth. Any disruption in this hair growth cycle may result in permanent or temporary hair loss.

Hair loss induces negative psychological effects and confidence level of bald people seems to severely hurt in both men and women. Due to some hormonal reasons hair loss in women is not so common compared to men. The different pattern of balding in women also aids her to cover her hair loss easily. Even if a woman is losing hairs, she can easily hide it with different modern hair styling, so you may at the most notice only her braid or ponytail going thinner.

Just like any other part of body taking care of hairs properly helps you to keep them healthy. Using shampoos which are free from harmful chemicals and conditioners and avoiding unnecessary coloring of hairs can prevent them from several problems. A well balanced healthy diet plays a vital role in preventing hair loss and in regenerating lost hairs. Your dietician can help you in devising a planned diet that can help immensely in stopping hair loss.

Why Male Hair Loss Occurs?

Male Hair loss or Male pattern baldness is a kind of androgenetic alopecia which accounts for more than ninety five percent of hair loss in males. Almost two third of our male population suffer with hair loss by the time they reach 35, and more than 85 percent of men lose more hair by the time they reach 50 years of age.

Studies show that not only women are concerned about their loss but men also equally sensitive about hair loss and try to do everything possible to avoid early baldness. There are several commercial over the counter remedies available which claim to cure male pattern hair loss. But many of these cater to only few causes of hair loss so most of the time such solutions are not recommended by doctors.

Male pattern hair loss is caused due a chemical called dihydro-testosterone. This chemical deteriorates hair follicles and shaft as a result hairs become thinner gradually after each cycle and eventually fall off. If immune system is strong and baldness is not due to hereditary reasons many people able grow their hair back, which is the reason not all men go bald.

Hair loss in males also occurs as side effect for certain medical treatments like chemotherapy etc. Such hair loss is temporary and hairs grow back once the treatment is over. It is also observed that diabetic patients run a higher risk of losing hair due to poor blood circulation mal-nourished follicles.

Many treatments like minoxidil etc are available which are used by doctors for treating male hair loss. Even if no treatment turns effective latest advancements like surgery and laser treatments can hide the baldness easily in men.

But before opting for any of the male hair loss treatment option makes sure you consult your doctor because he can suggest you best solution based on your condition and history.

Hair Growth Treatments for Men

Hair loss hair is an awkward issue for many men. Not absolutely everyone who’s shedding their hair desires to simply shave the remainder it off. There’s no problem with becoming bald, merely understand that you may have other choices. Treatments can be acquired that can help you re-grow your hair; nevertheless, these types of treatments possess the possibility of side effects.

Advantages of Average Hair Loss Treatments

Natural hair loss procedures work with your very own body’s healing processes to deal with the reason behind losing hair. Medicines merely cover up the indications. Another advantage of treatments is the fact that they are pretty straight forward and safe. Additionally, a number of these treatments don’t lead to negative effects. Actually, you perhaps can create your own treatments.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment for Male

Saw palmetto happens to be an effective treatment of hair loss for men who possess androgenic alopecia, also called hair loss. This natural herb reduces the creation of DHT. You can use best dht blocker to prevent DHT.

It is important for you to start treatment for your hair loss when you discover that your hair is thinning. This might greatly enhance your likelihood of getting your hair to grow back. If your hair follicles go too long without hair strands, your hair follicles will eventually lose their capability to function and the the loss of hair may become permanent.

Coconut oil

Olive oil happens to be a very good normal treatment of hair loss for men. It improves the actual hair strands by supplying all of them with protein.

Onions and also Garlic

Sulfur happens to be a nutrient which promotes regular growth of hair and can be utilized for a hair treatment for males. Garlic and also as well onions are plentiful with sulphur. Apply a garlic clove or onion right onto the crown. Let it work on for one or two moments and then wash out. This really is regarded to be ideal for hair loss in men.

Always maintain healthy Hair

It may be more practical to imagine that healthy hair grows a lot quicker. So your first target needs to be to keep the hair healthy. If you believe your hair to be dry or maybe has split ends or breaks, the very first thing you could do is to trim it a little.

The Proper Diet

Diet has a crucial role in sustaining healthy hair. Omega 3 fatty acids frequently present in fish, fish oils and nuts are efficient for a man or woman’s hair condition. The healthy proteins present in lean meats and/or beans will additionally increase healthier hair growth, as will natural nutrients and antioxidants present in vegetables and fruit.

Things you should Stay Away From

To help keep your hair healthy, staying clear of heat generating devices such as blow dryers, straightness, and the styling iron, is essential, as these items are harmful to your hair. When combing your hair, always be cautious. Instead of pushing your way through the annoying knots, and damaging the hair in the process, begin brushing at the end part of the tangles and go upward carefully.

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