Hair Loss Home Remedies

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Hair loss problem is one of the most common problems which any individual moist probably comes across during his entire span of life. If hairs many hairs are falling on daily basis it is not too abnormal. But if the hairs are getting thinner and thinner it is indeed alarming. If we are to find the reasons for hair loss there are a number of them that we can easily find out. It can be lack of certain vitamins, or lack of minerals and iron in the body, age, pollution, heredity, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and illness. The problem of hair fall can be effectively addressed by looking for certain remedies. Home remedies are often found to be the best ones as they have the least or no side effects.

A few home remedies can be made like certain oils with a combination of henna and neem leaves in mustard oil. It should dissolve there in. Then it should be allowed to cool and camphor cubes added to it and applied on hairs. Using a lot of protein rich food can help us reasonably reduce the chances of getting bald. Items like egg, milk, fish, etc must be used. Keeping the hairs clean of the dandruff, which is a major cause of hair fall, can also be of a lot of value.

Appropriate shampoos which are better for the concerned hair types must be used. Certain other food items can also be recommended to prevent hair loss. These are iron rich foods like apples and beetroots etc. Regular exercise is really important as it helps our sweat pores to open. Exercise will help us remain healthy as well as result in healthy hairs. Extract of coconut oil and amla can also be used. Rough treatment to the hair tresses must always be avoided as it can seriously damage hairs.

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