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hair growth

Let me start by telling you that a while back I got my hair chopped off, really short and I didn’t liked it, it just didn’t looked good on me, so I decided to grow out my hair and along the way of doing that I kind of discovered things that helped my hair grow faster. And these are everyday things you can do without going out and buying the most expensive products out there that are supposed to help people grow hair a mile long overnight. These are things that you can do everyday with almost no expenses and increase your growth rate.

The most important thing you need to remember is to keep your hair healthy while you want it to grow. There is no point in growing out hair that is damaged or dry or in poor condition because all of it is going to end up split and you will have to chop it off anyway.

The first thing I recommend is to invest in a good heat protection product if you use heating tools on your hair. I really like heat protection because it really keeps my hair moisturized but it also protects it from the heat. By the way, if you have greasy hair and you don’t want your heat protector to act as a moisturizer as well, you can choose a spray product instead of lotion like product.

Since we are on the heat topic, heat actually can increase the rate of the hair growth, or the rate at which your follicles produce hair. This happens because the more heat you put on your hair, the more you are stripping away the naturals oils the your scalp produce, but you also overdrive your follicle to produce sebum, which is like a healthy coating on your hair. So, that I am trying to say is that using heat on your hair will make the follicles work faster to compensate for the oils that your scalp is using, therefore producing more hair. Now, I am not saying that you should stick your head in boiling water, but hot showers do help hair growth.

Another thing you can do to make your hair grow faster is taking vitamins. There are tons of vitamin supplements out there, but you need to focus on vitamin E mostly. Vitamin E is great for both hair and nail growth. Another great supplement is biotin.

One very important thing you want to make sure you do is heaving a healthy diet, which is a basic health care thing anyway. If your body is healthy your hair will be healthy also. You want to be eating all your fruits and vegetables; you want to take the right amount of zinc, which is really important for hair, iron and proteins.

Exercising is a great way to keep you in shape and it will make your hair grow faster as well. While you exercise, your follicles and all of your pores everywhere are going to be opening up and trying to get rid of all that nasty stuff that is in your skin. This is a good way your body can get rid of toxins. If you are more active your follicles will be more active as well, thus producing more hair.

So, as you can see, these are basic things that you can do on a daily basis, there are no miracles or secrets that are going to help you grow hair faster.

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