Guaranteed Weight Loss with the Dissociated Diet

disociated dietDissociated Diet

One of the most popular diets, the dissociated regime, is based on the consumption of a single food group during a certain period of time. Eating dissociated is not really a diet but a way of constructing your meals. The main idea behind dissociated diet is that not the food itself makes you fat, but the combination between foods.

This type of diet has several forms or options:

  • Option I: Diet dissociated on every meal- each meal consists of foods from different groups; you can follow this version up to the desired result, but not more than two months.
  • Option II: Diet dissociated on every day of the week- each day you eat foods only from one group (eg: a day of fruits, one of carbs, one of proteins etc);
  • Option III: Dissociated diet for longer periods of time – a cycle of a specific number of days is repeated over a certain period of time (e.g.: 90 days or 6 months); during the 90 days dissociated diet, you can waste up to 15 kg per day.

If you decide to follow this diet, for 7 days, here’s what you can eat:

Day 1: meat– You should eat only poultry (chicken, turkey), ready to steam or grill;

Day 2: vegetables – You can eat raw or cooked vegetables:  chard, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, leek, celery, artichoke, carrot, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, squash, peppers, asparagus, onion, garlic, or a mix of vegetables with no oil or spices;

Day 3: dairy – Any kind of dairy products is healthy and beneficial for your health and your figure;

Day 4: fruits – You can eat any kind, but be careful with citrus,  because they can lead to hyperacidity.

Day 5: fish – Pike, trout or salmon, cooked on the grill or steam, are excellent option.

Day 6: cereals – Pasta, rice, corn, wheat and any derivatives thereof are rich in fiber and nutrients and they will improve intestinal transit.

Day 7: eggs.

dissociated diet plate

Dissociated Diet Advantages:

  1. It allows us to reach your ideal weight without hunger and heavy digestion;
  2.  It reshapes your metabolism;
  3. You don’t need other foods than those you eat usually, so there are no extra costs to follow the diet;
  4.  Its rules are very simple and easy to follow;
  5. You can really lose weight;
  6. You won’t feel hungry, because you can eat their fill, while respecting the combination of foods.
  7. This diet improves bloating because the food combinations allowed are digested better.

Dissociated Diet Disadvantages:

  1. It can be an unbalanced diet, causing nutritional deficiencies.
  2. After the diet, it can cause “rebound’ effect and weight gain.
  3. Muscles and organs can be weakened during the days of fruits and vegetables, due to lack of protein.
  4. It is not recommended for active people or children (for children, this diet may slow growth).
  5. The diet is quite dull and difficult to follow long term.

Tips for weight loss during dissociated diet:

  1. Eat your last meal before 19.00;
  2. When you prepare a meal, remember that mixing foods from different groups is prohibited.
  3. Do not drink fluids before or during meals, because they dilute the gastric juice and slow down digestion;
  4.  Comply with the three main meals of the day so that your body does not feel hungry and make reservations for when we denied food.
  5.  Between meals, there should be at least three hours so to give to your body time to absorb nutrients;
  6. Consumption of caffeine and alcohol is strictly forbidden;
  7. You can include Spirulina pills in your daily plan: 1 pill half hour before every meal; it will make you feel less hungry and taken for a 6 months strict dissociated diet can 100% re-shape your metabolism;
  8. While dieting, shape your body with physical exercises  like biking, walking, jogging etc.

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