Goodbye Mask – A Much Improved Way to Live With Sleep Apnea

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Do you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and need to find a way to get a good night’s sleep? Is your child suffering from OSA and falling behind in school? For people who have OSA and the current treatments on the market are too intrusive for them, there is a much improved treatment available with new nasal devices.

Nasal devices let patients say goodbye to their current CPAP machine and mask yet still get a good night’s sleep. This new technology, developed by Ventus Medical, uses the MicroValve design. This design works by creating pressure every time you exhale forcing your airway to stay open. This treatment is FDA approved and only available through your doctor.

Instead of using a bulky mask, these new nasal devices use a small and disposable device that attaches to the nostrils. This device is attached to both nostrils with an adhesive that is safe and hypoallergenic. Most users report that it takes a few nights to get used to sleeping with this new device but they report no other problems. Up to eighty-three percent of people using these new nasal devices have seen a reduction in their snoring.

Nasal Devices vs. the CPAP Mask

Nasal devices are much less intrusive than the CPAP mask which will make you more likely to use it every night as needed. Many people who currently use the mask find that it is too difficult and bulky to use and therefore they tend not to use it every night. This leads to restless nights instead of waking up feeling refreshed. These nasal devices is easy to use, even for children.

For patients with partners, the mask can sometime interfere with their partner’s ability to sleep. With these new nasal devices there are no machines, no noise, and no mask but rather a small device attached directly to the nostrils that is barely even visible. This small device is also easier to travel with which allows people with OSA to get a good night’s sleep no matter where they are.

Benefit of Nasal Devices

Many doctors are recommending nasal devices for their patients because of the wide array of benefits that it provides. Most doctors are especially happy to prescribe this treatment for both women and children. They like that the treatment is easy to use and convenient which works well for both women and children. Below is a short list of some of the benefits women and children can receive from this treatment.

Benefits of Nasal Devices for Women:

Provides women with a well-deserved good night’s sleep.

Helps women be more alert during the day.

Allows women to focus better on their daily tasks.

Give them more energy throughout the day.

Can help to lower blood pressure.

Reduces the stress level and risk of depression.

Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Benefits of Nasal Devices for Children:

Provides children with a good night’s sleep.

Gives them more energy throughout the day.

Allows them to be more alert and focused during the day.

Helps to improve their grades by allowing them to be more focused.

Improves mental function so they can learn better and faster.

Improves attitude with children and makes them less cranky.

Reduces the risk for obesity and diabetes.

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