Good Eating for Better Health and Weight Control

The importance of diet in prevention medicine and treatment is becoming increasingly acknowledged. Practically every day, news hits the headlines regarding something we should or should not eat or drink. Diet is probably the area where we can make the greatest impact on general health and vitality, the prevention of disease, and the treatment of common ailments.

good eating habits

Nutrition has always been one of the key components of alternative medicine because humans cannot live without nutrients. It is impossible to maintain optimal health without eating natural, nutritious foods. Like automobile engines, the human body cannot run without fuel-or energy.

Poor dietary habits comprise two separate problems: many of us overeat what we shouldn’t eat-fats, oils, meats and processed food and we often under-consume what we should eat-fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and fish.

While certain people may be genetically strong, physically fit, and free of disease, if they ate strictly sugar, saturated fats, cholesterol, salt, and additives, the likelihood is that they would eventually become sick. If, on the other hand, they ate strictly natural, unprocessed foods, particularly fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds, and nuts, they would probably live disability-free much longer.

Holistically healthy people attempt to eat all the essential foods they need in the proper proportions. Unfortunately, many of us now consume excessive amounts of the wrong foods. What should overweight people do to regain holistic health? Basically, they need to adopt a weight loss program consistent with the major tenets of alternative medicine-proper diet, adequate exercise, and a positive mental attitude.

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