Good as New: Denture Repair Procedure Explained in 5 Simple Steps

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Many people wear dentures or partials and from time to time, they may need those dentures repaired if not replaced. Dentures need to be repaired or replaced as soon as they are cracked or damaged, as prolonging the repair or replacement may lead to the wearer having oral health issues. Repairing the dentures will most likely be the least expensive way to handle cracked or broken dentures, and this article will address five simple steps to doing so. Although dentures may last 10 years to 15 years, repairs may be needed before then.

Looking at the Need for Denture Repair

Dentures no longer have the appearance of being false as they did in the past. In the 21st century, dentures look so real the average person would not notice a person had them. The Best Dentist will provide his or her patient with the best options to replace missing teeth or full plates if the patient can afford them or wants to explore the option. If repairs are necessary, the dentist can offer various solutions to help the patient get their teeth repaired without breaking the patient’s bank. The patient will also be given things to do to help stretch the life of the dentures, such as the proper brushing of gums and the tongue.

Five Simple Steps for Denture Repair

If a set of dentures is broken, the first step to take is for the dentures to be realigned using some type of adhesive. In some cases, the adhesive used to keep the dentures in place may be used temporarily until further work can be done to the dentures. A person can save himself or herself some money by having a denture relining procedure that will restore the dentures and make them functional again. After the dentures are realigned, the second step a person can do is to use a tongue blade to help support and keep the broken dentures in place. The third thing that will take place is making an impressive cast, giving the plaster about 20 minutes to set.

More on the Simple Steps for Denture Repair

Moving to the fourth step, once the impression cast has been made, the newly formed impression of the dentures can be lifted from the cast by using a laboratory knife. After this, a liquid foil substitute may be used to cover any pore openings. The last step is to go to a prosthodontist to ensure the dentures are made durable and wearable again. Wearers can also consider purchasing a denture repair kit, which will simplify the repair process of the dentures. These things can work until the dentures have to be replaced.

Final Thoughts About Denture Repair

It is important for denture wearers to do everything in their power to take care of their dentures, keeping them clean and in good repair. When the dentures are working properly, they will enable the wearer to eat the foods he or she wants, allow the wearer to speak clearly, and look good. If taken care of properly, dentures will look almost look as good as natural teeth, and in some cases, may actually improve the smile of the wearer. Dentures are less expensive than dental implants and can look just as natural, so those looking to save money will want to pursue everything possible to make their dentures work for them.

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