Good and Bad Food Combinations for Your Health and Weight

Food combinations refer to the mixture of different foods during the same meal. The digestion of foods eaten during a meal varies from one food to the other. Certain foods, such as fruits, remain in the stomach for a very short time and are mainly digested in the intestine. Others, such as meat, are mostly digested in the stomach before entering the intestine.

The problem occurs when someone eats a food that needs to stay in the stomach for a short time, along with a food the needs to stay in the stomach for a long time. The food that usually stays in the stomach for a short time is being stalled by the one that needs to stay for a long time, which can cause various problems such as indigestion, gas, boating, etc.

Food combinations

Bad Food Combinations

1. Sugar with starchy foods. For example: strawberry jam (sugar) on bread (starchy food), honey (sugar) in cereals (starchy foods) or else, maple syrup (sugar) on a waffle (starchy food).

2. Protein foods with starchy foods. For example: meat (protein) with pasta (starch food), cheese (protein) with bread (starchy food) or tofu (protein) with rice (starchy food).

3. Fruits with protein foods. For example: an orange (fruit) with peanuts (protein), an apple (fruit) with cheese (protein) or else, grapes (fruit) with beef (protein).

4. Fruit with starchy foods. For example: pear (fruit) with cucumber (vegetable), banana (fruit) with carrot (vegetable) or respberries (fruit) with lettuce (vegetable).

Good Food Combinations

1. Eat your fruits between meals or at least fifteen minutes before meals.

2. Protein foods with vegetables. For example: a steak (protein) with broccoli (vegetable), tofu (protein) with a salad (vegetables) or cheese (protein) with pepper (vegetable).

3. Starchy foods with vegetables. For example: pasta (starchy food) with Brussels sprouts (vegetables), bread (starchy food) with celery or pasta (starchy food) with spinach (vegetable).

It is preferable to respect the right food combinations. Many people benefit from an unfailing digestion and can afford to cheat without suffering the aftermath. However, other people are more sensitive than others to bad food combinations and must scrupulously respect the right combinations. The more varied are the foods that you eat in the same meal, the more complicated the digestive process will be. If you are one of those who are easily disturbed by bad combinations, you must then only apply the good ones.

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