Go, Girls!! Choose the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone


Our mums might still say that a little bit of rough could be better than anything else!! I totally agree with them. Aren’t you? A dreamy pink hue across the apples of my cheeks really makes me immensely confident about my looks. I end up feeling beautiful about myself.

Moreover, kind of excitement that I feel on doing so is pretty much similar to how I feel when I wear a new colored eyeliner. Yes! It’s the same ultimate thrill. Don’t you think if we go out with bright, and flushed cheeks then playing the bashful cards on being greeted by our crush would be quite easy?

Ladies, Am I not true? You can even get that ‘touched by the sun’ look every time with a blush that just blends with your skin flawlessly.

Do you want to know the perfect trick to go for a blush and be perfect at the same time? Then, just remember it is nothing much! You just have to find a great color and an amazing texture which can get along with your skin tone in an amicable way.

If you just simply wear a wrong rouge then you would end up looking like a funny clown!! But, rather just a perfect color on your face would accentuate your skin tone which will definitely make your everyday makeup much better! You can buy your favorite makeup kit from beauty brands.

So, here I am with a perfect guide for the right kind of blush which will suit you the best.

Have a look!

When you are fair skinned

If you are being already blessed with a fair skin tone then you don’t have to go for the highly vibrant shades. Instead, if you just go for a light coral or soft peach then it would do wonders for you!

Moreover, if you even act a bit smarter and consider a creamy texture for your blush then it will yield a natural finish to your skin. Also, when you opt for such a product then it will settle into your skin in the best possible way.

When you are medium skin toned

Just like the girls with fair skin, for you also pink and peaches will be excellent. The only extra step that you need to take is that you just have to apply an apparently deeper shade of the colors until you reach up to the vibrancy level that you have been desiring for.

Moreover, if you want to go for an extremely dramatic look then the extra shades of mauve will be also simply awesome for you if you end up applying on the right spots. This is not the end! I want to suggest your something even extra.

If you want to come up with a right landing space for the hue that you have chosen then just smile and apply a layer of blush in an up and down motion where you will see your cheekbones popping up. It will bring a perfect warmth to your makeup.

When you are a black beauty

If you are having a dark skin then don’t think that you are kind of unfortunate by any means. It is definitely not like that! When you have such a tone then the deep shades of orange, red, and brown could absolutely accentuate your looks.

Also, there is a trick of buying such blushes! To find a shade which is looking crazily bright even in the packaged condition you can visit at colourpop promo code from CouponsMonk, then just go for it without any doubt. These colors will certainly render your skin look radiant and glowing.

Now, how do you apply such blushes? Well, it’s that simple! Just apply it onto your skin in a circular motion exactly at your apples and then extend the same in an outward direction towards your ears for attaining a stunning pop of color.

If you go for a vivid swipe of such shades in the apples of your cheeks then I can vow for the fact that you would thus see an extremely beautiful cast of color on your face once you are done.

A perfect stroke for the ultimate look

So, did you come to know now which bush will make you look splendid? The, don’t wait anymore! Just opt for the right one for yourself, apply perfectly, and that’s it you are done. Go out and astonish the world!

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