Glycemic Index of Foods and their Impact on our Health

Certain foods that we eat increase our blood sugar level quickly, whereas others increase it moderately, slowly or not at all. The glycemic index indicates the rapidity a food increases the sugar level (glucose) in the blood. So, a food has a low glycemic index is a food that does not increase the blood sugar level or that does not increase it much.

Glycemic Index of Foods

List of foods with a high glycemic index:

  • White flour as well as all the foods containing white flour (refined).
  • White sugar, brown sugar, as well as all the foods containing white or brown sugar.
  • Sweet chocolate bars, sweet cereal bars, sweetened cereals.
  • Honey, maple syrup, preserves with added sugar.
  • Beer, soft drinks, juices with added sugar.
  • Corn flakes, white or brown rice.
  • Baked potatoes, mashed or fried potatoes, cooked carrots.

List of foods with a moderate glycemic index:

  • Raw carrots, turnips, beets.
  • Banana, watermelon, melon, pineapple, papaya.
  • Couscous, tabouleh, millet.

List of foods with a low glycemic index:

  • Whole grain flour as well as foods made with whole grain flour.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Oat flakes, sugar free whole grain cereals.
  • All green vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber or lettuce.
  • Lentils, peas, string beans.
  • Cherry, orange, peaches, grapes, apple, pear, dried apricots, plums, plums, figs, grapefruit.
  • Sugar-free preserves, sugar-free chocolate.
  • Nuts, tofu, meat, cheese, milk.

Is a food with a high glycemic index necessarily bad?

No, on the contrary, many of them are excellent for health. However, it is difficult for some people’s system to maintain a stable blood sugar level. When this is the case, sudden mood changes, the impression of a lack of sleep and other consequences sometimes more serious, linked to hypoglycaemia. Depending on your health condition and on your reactions folowing the consumption of a food, it is preferable to eat mainly foods with a moderate or a low glycemic index.

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