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Buying gifts for women is a difficult task and a burden I wouldn’t wish on anyone. What do you give the woman who seemingly has everything, but always says she needs more? It’s delusional to think you’ll find the perfect outfit for a woman who only wears long-sleeved shirts, even in the summer. You’ll be given the death stare if you give a woman an item of clothing that is a few sizes too big — be prepared to answer the question, “How big do you think I am?” And while this survey from That Sweet Gift suggests that jewellery is the most wanted gift by the majority of women these days, that’s a tough thing to get right too. And the really good stuff is not going to come cheap, especially around Christmas when everybody is looking for it.

Looking for a great gift doesn’t have to be stressful and certainly does not have to be confrontational.

Cell Phone / Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

I hate to admit it, but I cannot live without my BlackBerry. It allows me to make phone calls, read and write emails, surf the Internet (although it’s painstakingly slow), and I can take pictures of the kids.

Cell phones and PDA’s allow your loved one to communicate with the world around her. If she has no use for cameras, email, and the Internet,  stick with a basic cell phone so she can call you when she’s running late. However, if she’s a multi-tasker, PDA’s will simplify her life.

Digital Camera

When I was younger, taking family pictures was burdensome. My dad would set-up his tripod, which was laborious, then he’d mess around with all the different types of lenses he had for the SLR camera. We’d all stand in position in front of the camera with our pearly whites, only to have my dad tell us his flash wasn’t ready or the lighting was all wrong.

In this age of digital cameras, picture-taking has become… easy. You basically just point and shoot and voila! you have an instant digital image that you can download onto the computer and add to a digital photo album or email to everyone on your list.

The woman in your life will love documenting silly moments and special events.

Computer / Laptop

Last December, my PC started running very slowly. Applications would close on their own and files were damaged. The husband notified me that I had a virus (actually, a multitude of viruses) and I sat at my desk for hours at a time running anti-virus software, but it was too late. My computer had been taken over by viruses. Luckily, I got a new computer for Christmas — yippee!

With a computer your gift recipient can surf the Internet, read email, work from home, schedule the calendar, and the list goes on. If she’s always on the go or needs something that doesn’t take up a lot of room, a laptop is a great solution.

Spa Treatment

What woman does not want to be pampered? Massages are always a nice treat. She’ll be able to relax and any tension from the week will melt away. Perhaps she’ll like a refreshing facial — her skin will feel clean and toned. Or you can choose a manicure and pedicure which are just as luxurious and relaxing.

Many salons and spas offer different spa packages or will allow you to mix and match different treatments.

Concert Tickets

Concerts are a fun way to to spend the evening and allow her to see her favorite artist sing her favorite songs. Check your local newspaper for upcoming concert information.

Experience Gift Packages

If the woman in your life lives on adventure, these experience gift packages are a great choice. There are many activities to choose from, like taking a trip on special airplane flight where you can experience zero-gravity. You can go paragliding over the beaches of Southern California, have flying lessons on a Cessna, or go on a 3-hour sailboat cruise.  If she likes something that doesn’t require leaving land, you can give her culinary cooking classes or have her enjoy her very own wine-tasting party.

Name a Star

For any occasion, choose to name a star after your loved one. You’ll receive a custom certificate with the star’s name, its coordinates, the constellation it’s in, and it’s location in the sky on a highly detailed map. This gift will last forever. Unfortunately, the astronomical community does not recognize the naming of these stars. The only organization that can name stars officially is the International Astronomical Union. You can find out more about this on their website.

These are just some gift ideas. Books and gift cards also make good gifts for acquaintances or for your child’s teacher. Take the time to know a lot about your gift recipient. What does she like? What does she not like? Does she like food? Does she like sports and the outdoors? Cater your present to her personality. If all else fails, remember that it’s the thought that counts.

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