Getting Older: What Are The Most Common Health Problems?


As we age, our health becomes a bigger concern. And no matter how carefully you look after yourself, there are some problems that eventually impact almost everyone.

Here is a look at the common health issues that are a factor for most people as they grow older, which should help you prepare to deal with changes when they come.

Sight Loss

Sight is arguably the most important sense we possess, but time takes its toll and blindness is increasing in many parts of the world.

This is not just about the way your body decays over the years; it also comes down to lifestyle choices. In particular the fact that people spend hours a day staring at computer monitors and smartphone screens means that poor eyesight is more widespread than ever.

Ensuring to exercise your eyes by avoiding extended stints of uninterrupted device use is essential. It is also important to get regular checkups to ensure that your eyes remain healthy, as disease can lead to sight loss. If your vision deteriorates significantly, it’s recommended to make use of low vision products to help maintain your lifestyle.


More American adults are disabled by arthritis than any other affliction, with the over-65s being most susceptible to this condition. It is disproportionately common amongst women, with over a quarter of females set to suffer it at some point in their lives, compared with 18 per cent of men.

Arthritis causes problems with your joints and can seriously compromise your mobility in later life. There are various treatments available, as well as foods which can allegedly lessen inflammation and ease the symptoms. Popular recommendations include fish rich in omega-3, green vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, as well as supplements which include vitamin C and other useful antioxidants.


Obesity is a global health issue, with 650 million people estimated to fall into this category, according to the World Health Organization.

This is not an issue that is limited to the elderly, but it is definitely something that can cause more problems from middle age onwards, when exercise gets harder and other ailments stack up.

Staying active and eating healthily throughout your life can minimise the risks of becoming obese. Of course it can be linked to underlying health issues, as well as to your mental health, so take these factors into account when working out what steps to take to prevent it.

Dental Concerns

Another part of your body which requires regular upkeep is your mouth, as you only get one set of teeth as an adult and you also need to take care of your gums. If you don’t, you can expect to face up to everything from cavities and tooth loss to gum disease and beyond.

Avoiding the need for fillings and false teeth involves proper maintenance of your mouth, both at home and with the help of a professional dentist. Make sure you head for checkups when they are due, rather than putting them off and potentially creating bigger problems for yourself in the future.


Heart Disease

In terms of deaths caused, heart disease is a more widespread killer than cancer for older people. And a lot of its causes are directly linked to aging, so watch out for your cholesterol levels and keep an eye on your blood pressure if you want to catch the early warning signs.

As with many of the other health problems that seniors can encounter, heart disease can be fought with a combination of exercise, diet and a good dash of restfulness.

In short it makes sense to be as balanced in the way you live as possible, rather than taking extreme measures at either end of the spectrum.

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