Getting Adequate Information about the HCG Dietary Program

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If you consider losing the excess body fat as an essential, you must be on the lookout for a method that works. The numerous means and methods available in this regard make it a difficult choice. Then there is also the question of assessing whether a particular program, like the HCG Diet, is safe or not.

Do you feel skeptical regarding this dietary program? The differing opinions can sure make it a confusing thing to decide. What you need is adequate details about the diet regime. A physician specializing in this dietary program is the best source of information.

How do you find such a physician? If you have a friend or contact who is under the guidance of a doctor, you can ask him/her about their experience. If this is not possible, you can just go online and check out the profiles of the local physicians specializing in this specific dietary plan.

How do you choose a doctor? It is easy if you know the right criteria. You need to choose a medical practitioner with the right qualification and certification. Apart from this, you would also need someone experienced in this field.

What are the things you need to ask the doctor? Here are a few questions that could help you get a clear idea about how the diet works.

  1. How does the diet effect the body, i.e. how does it bring about fat loss?
  2. Are there any eligibility criteria for the dieter? If so, are you eligible?
  3. How do you assess whether an individual is eligible for it or not?
  4. Do you create separate diet charts for individual dieters?
  5. What are the restrictions on diet?
  6. How do you monitor progress?
  7. How much time does it take?
  8. How much is the cost?
  9. What are the HCG diet dangers?
  10. Are there specific restrictions on lifestyle?

Assessing the pros and cons of the dietary program, before you start on it is important. It is always better to seek answers and clarify doubts from the diet doctor in advance. Following his/her dictates would help you achieve what you pine for – a perfect figure!

Getting Started in Losing Weight by Eating Less

It’s difficult to adjust to eating less food. The thought of it can be daunting but with a good plan and a positive attitude, you’ll get off to a flying start and the weight loss will be noticeable in no time. To get started, the first thing you need to do is make a weight loss plan and set a definite goal. Without a plan, you are sure to fail. What does this plan entail? Achieving your ideal weight is truly a life-time pursuit – there’s no point in losing weight to simply put it back on (with compound interest) a few months down the road. The key to achieving a lifelong ideal weight is to set a realistic but challenging goal at the outset.

Let’s repeat one word here – realistic! Losing significant amounts of weight and keeping it off is going to take time. That can be one of the most off-putting aspects of embarking on a healthy lifestyle. Very few of us are patient enough to relish future achievements – if it’s happening now it’s great, if it’s happening in six or twelve months, it’s dull. We want to feel and look better right now. This month! This week! Tomorrow!

Well, that’s simply not feasible and, even if it was – even if you embarked on a commando-style approach by cutting down to 500 calories a day – you’d lose weight fast but not only would you end up being very unhealthy (due to the loss of vital nutrients), you would pile the weight back on faster than a doughnut hardening an artery. So, another key word here is patience.

Having a written weight loss plan which you regularly refer to will help you stay focused and motivated.

Break your weight loss goals down into bite-size chunks (pardon the pun!) i.e. mini-goals. Weekly mini-goals are too much but fortnightly mini-goals are just right. These mini-goals will stop you feeling despondent about the length of time it will take.

Your plan will need to be amended as the year goes on so your approximate fortnightly weight-loss figure will change because, more than likely, in the early weeks you’ll lose more weight than you expected and in the later weeks and months, you’ll find it more difficult to shed the pounds. That’s why, every month, you will amend the plan and tweak your mini-goals.

Another reason why planning is so important is because it’s so easy to get caught out and fall off the wagon. Let’s face it, hunger is a very unpleasant feeling. It’s hard enough feeling hungry when you know that a slap up calorie-rich meal is on its way, but it’s downright depressing feeling hungry when you know that you have to wait hours before you can eat and when you do it’s for salad and rice. Well, you won’t get depressed if you have your meals planned out properly in terms of content and meal times and, most importantly, if you have all the necessary food items in your kitchen ready to cook and prepare.

One of the main reasons people fail at losing weight is simply because they let hunger catch up with them – picture it – you’re just finished a long day of work, your belly is empty and suddenly you realize there’s nothing in the fridge. You know a friend who was slim once? Do free people search and see if they are slim now again, I think you’ll be surprised.Your plan is going down the tubes, your hunger is overpowering your weight-loss desire and before you know it you’re saying ‘hey it’s just this once, I’m treating myself to a burger and fries’. DON’T let that happen! Plan your weight loss, plan your meals, plan your dining times, plan your shopping trips and plan your shopping trolley contents.

Stick to the plan, get the food into your kitchen and before those life-altering hunger pangs set in, you’ll have already eaten! And while rice and salad might not give you the same instant gratification a takeout would give you, it will take the edge off enough to keep your plan intact and keep you on the road to weight loss.

Now that you have your plan in place, you’re well on your way to getting started with losing weight.

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