Get a Teeth Whitening Treatment and Dazzle with Your Smile During the Holidays

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When the holiday season is fast approaching, there are sure to be a lot of celebratory gatherings to attend. For these, it’s only natural for you to want to look your best. Some people are even known to go on a strict diet in preparation for the string of parties that they need to show up for. Not only that, many go shopping for beautiful outfits to wear. Meanwhile, there are also those who make sure to get aesthetic treatments.

A teeth whitening procedure is one of the more popular treatments that people choose to get during the holidays. If you would ask some women, they deem it necessary purely because pearly white teeth go perfectly with bright red lipstick. Plus, with all the smiling they do while greeting family and friends that they haven’t seen in a long time, it’s a confidence boost to break out into a smile with the full knowledge that they have lovely white teeth.

If you have plenty of activities lined up for the holidays and you want to dazzle everyone you meet with your smile, then it’s smart to consider getting a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Before you do, here are some of the vital considerations to keep in mind when getting your teeth whitened:

1. Is your mouth healthy?

Your overall oral health is something to think about, especially if you have a low tolerance for discomfort. Quite often, those who have dry mouth are sensitive to the chemical composition of the bleaching products used for the teeth whitening treatment. You may experience a stinging sensation during the procedure.

Also, if you have cavities or periodontal disease, these need to be treated first. You need to have recovered thoroughly from such oral woes to prevent potential complications with the treatment.

Lastly, if you have naturally sensitive teeth or your teeth have poor density, you may not be suitable for the treatment. Understand that the procedure makes use of bleach which can have a corrosive effect. If your teeth are sensitive, going through a teeth whitening treatment may leave you with even weaker teeth which are prone to enamel scarring and cavities.

2. What kind of tooth discoloration do you have?

There are two kinds of teeth discolouration: intrinsic and extrinsic. Conventional teeth whitening treatments can only address extrinsic discoloration which refers to staining caused by drinking coffee, dark teas, colas, and wine every day, and poor oral hygiene.

Intrinsic discoloration, on the other hand, is often the result of damaged pulp, meaning the darkening comes from beneath the enamel. Bleaching agents cannot do anything about this discoloration. However, other dental solutions such as porcelain veneers and lumineers can work to provide a brighter hue for intrinsically discolored teeth.

3. Are you pregnant?

Pregnant women cannot go through a professional teeth whitening treatment. One of the health setbacks for pregnant women is decreased bone density. And, as everybody knows, teeth are made of calcium, just like bones. Therefore, the teeth also lose density during pregnancy.

When your teeth are weak, it’s best not to subject them to procedures that may further compromise their composition. If you insist on getting a teeth whitening treatment while pregnant, your teeth will be highly prone to further discoloration and even breakage.

4. When are you going to get the treatment?

The schedule for the treatment is also something to think about carefully. When you want to ensure the best results, you have to be able to allocate enough time for the procedure. You never want your cosmetic dentist to work in a hurried manner.

The best time to get your teeth whitened is when you no longer have any appointments afterwards, or on a day wherein your only appointment is the session at the dentist’s office. Although the procedure usually does not take long, it can last longer than expected based on the actual condition of your teeth. If you have severe teeth discoloration, expect the treatment to take much longer.

5. You may need oral prophylaxis or deep dental cleaning first.

For the best results, you may need to include other dental treatments into your budget. Oral prophylaxis or deep dental cleaning may be necessary if you have dental tartar and other buildup embedded at the base of your teeth and gums. You cannot remove them by simply brushing and flossing.

Make sure to consider these when preparing your budget for the treatment. Likewise, work these into your schedule, especially if you want to get all your treatments done in a single visit to the dentist.

6. Do you have a low tolerance for oral discomforts?

Oral discomforts were mentioned earlier as the result of a dry mouth and weak teeth. However, some people simply have a low threshold for pain. If this describes you, see your dentist for a thorough discussion first before getting the treatment.

Typically, you will be given at least several days to prepare for the treatment to manage your concerns and build up oral health. You may need to switch to a desensitizing toothpaste, which can help numb the nerves of your teeth from the impact of the bleaching agent or the pulses of heat from the laser. You may also be recommended to take a pain reliever such as mefenamic acid or naproxen prior to getting the procedure.

7. Can you commit to proper after-care?

The after-care is a must in ensuring long-lasting results. If you cannot commit to the after-care routine advised by your dentist, you may want to reconsider the treatment. Otherwise, you would just be wasting a considerable amount of money.

Will you be willing to give up certain habits such as capping off every night with a goblet of red wine or smoking? Can you make sure to avoid staining foods for the next 36 hours at least? Think about these things first before you proceed with a teeth whitening treatment so you can be sure to get the best results.

These are the crucial things to think about if you want to have perfectly white teeth in time for all the holiday celebration. You will be busy around this time, so make sure that you are using your time, energy, and money wisely for pursuits that can truly prepare you to be at your absolute best for the festivities of the season.

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